7 Secret Golf Driving Tips to Hit your Driver Better
7 Secret Golf Driving Tips to Hit your Driver Better

Posted on August 8, 2022

Straight and long driving significantly helps improve scoring for golfers. However, not all players are good at it. If you have the will to improve your game, you can tap into the network of experts that exists at Monark golf.

Here are golf driving tips to help you hit straighter, longer, and more consistent drives

Widen Your Stance

Basically, you swing your driver faster than other clubs and hence require to set a strong base for your swing. When taking position, widen your feet apart so that the space in between is equal to your shoulders. This helps you create a strong base to keep you balanced and swing your club with power at address.

Pick a Specific Target

Many golf players tend to make poor choices of selecting a target from the tee when they are preparing to hit a driver. When you pick a very specific target, you can focus better on your swing and enable you to keep your ball in the fairway. Picking a very specific target also helps you position your ball correctly for approach shots

Utilize the line

Most of the time tee boxes won’t be aligned. While some aim right, others will be aimed left. If your body alignment is incorrect, you are likely to get a big miss. Use the line on the tee to correct your alignment. 

Tee it high

With drivers, the sweet spot is usually going to be slightly above the midpoint on the club face. Failing to tee the ball high at address can cause you to miss the sweet spot even when making a perfect swing. So, you want to make sure to tee the ball up at a level that will put your ball just above your driver at the address.

Reduce Your Spin Rate

Most beginners achieve poor shots due to exorbitantly high spin rates. A high spin rate will cause your ball to go high up to the sky and fall at a steep landing angle. A low spin rate will make the ball fly lower in the sky, creating not much height and causing it to fall at a shallower landing angle. Using a launch monitor is one method to analyze the spin rate of each swing and make improvements. 

Find the Right Shaft

The club head isn't only the main piece when it comes to determining your driver's performance. The driver shaft golf can greatly impact the shots you take. Find a shaft that fits your swing best. The investment you make today will pay off later as you enjoy the benefits of using the right driver and making better shots.

Check your clubs

Apart from using the right shaft, ensure you are using the proper equipment. For instance, when you play with the wrong grip on your driver, it will be substantially harder to balance and control your driver at impact, leaving you inclined to the Big Miss. 
Employ these tips the next time you go out to the greens and see how they improve your shots. Want to learn how to play better? Read more useful content from the experts related to golf tips and tricks at Monarkgolf.