A Beginners Guide to Selecting the Perfect Golf Grip
A Beginners Guide to Selecting the Perfect Golf Grip

Posted on October 28, 2021

Are you new to golf? Are you facing problems in choosing the right golf equipment? If yes, then you are at the right place. Golf can be a tricky game, though it appears to be a game of a few swings here and there. The complexity of the game does not end at its jargon but extends to an array of equipment that has to be chosen with a good eye. 

If you have tried your hand at golf and faced issues with a firm grip and a slippery swing, you need to change your grips to golf Winn grips. The grips of your clubs are a crucial element. They help you achieve the perfect swing and ensure stability on the club while you play. The grips connect your posture to the clubs, ensuring that your grip is firm and your club does not fly away from your hand, which would be embarrassing!

Factors to Consider While Selecting Golf Grips

As the grips play an important role in the success of your game, you need to dedicate quite a lo~t of attention to the selection of golf grips. They are the following:

Grip Size

Size is the most important factor to choose the correct grip. There are a total of four grip sizes to choose from: undersize, standard, mid-size, and oversize. The grip size depends on the size of your hand. The size of the grip can be customized to your size by adding layers of tape during installation. A smaller grip leads to a pull of the ball. A larger grip results in a push of the ball. If your middle and ring finger touches your palm while gripping your current grips, that is the perfect grip size. 

  • Grip Material

The material of the grip decides your grip while playing golf. Most grips are made of rubber materials that offer vibration dampening and durability. Winn grips for golf are polymer material, ensuring a smooth play in all weathers and a non-slip performance. Choose the material of the grip based on your preference, firm or relaxed grip, and weather in your area.

  • Grip Texture

Choose a grip with a comfortable and secure surface texture. A smooth textured grip is ideal for players who do not wear gloves. Coarse textured grips are chosen by players to gain traction and a tight grip. 

  • Alignment Aid

Bad hand placement and grip change can be addressed by using golf Winn grips with an alignment aid. Alignment aid comes in the form of lines and dots on the grip, navigating your hand around the grip. 

  • Other Features

You will come across grip features like round or ribbed, firmness, and different materials based on the weather. Round or ribbed grips are again used to help in the alignment of hands. The firmness of the grips depends upon your grip preference. 
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