Adjustable Mondeo Jet Black Fairy Woods
Adjustable Mondeo Jet Black Fairy Woods

Posted on September 12, 2019

Fairway woods have often been disregarded by most players and are unaware of how important and useful these clubs are. They actually come in handy when you have to go for long-distance shots off the fairways. It is also an ideal clubs for high handicappers and is versatile enough to help players take control of the overall game.

The fairway wood falls within the wood clubs category, besides the driver. Typically, it is used while taking the first stoke on long par-3s or short par-4s, else during the second stroke on long par-4s or par-5s. The two vital features of the fairway wood include a higher loft, which allows the player to lift the ball off the turf and a lower face height, which helps the player hit the ball with the exact center of the clubface. These features allow the players to swing the fairway wood with ease and hit the ball across a better distance.

Mondeo Jet Black Fairway Wood is a top-performing driver that not only provides better control off the tee but also helps players achieve optimized distance on long shots. Here are two best Mondeo Jet Black Fairway Woods to start with:

Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood Head:-

The adjustable maraging fairway wood is design to help players go for longer shots with minimal ball spin and allow more forgiveness to help amend uneven hits. The placement of the center of gravity and adjustable hosel designs help players adjust the clubhead and its lie, loft and face angle. This allows the player to perfectly set the wood to the shaft and perform impactful shots.

Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood Head

Best features include:

  • The recessed Recoil Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and allows the face to be more responsive.
  • It is cast from heat-treated, robust S450 Maraging Steel to provide accuracy and more face flexing.
  • Allows Face Angle adjustability.
  • The Aero-dynamic head design is indented to reduces drag and increase the speed of the club to help the player cover more distance.

Custom-Built Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood:-

Traditionally, fairway woods are made to have a smaller clubhead and extra loft than the drivers. The custom-built Mondeo jet black fairway wood while honoring this legacy, it has also been added with advanced features to offer players with great distance, forgiveness, and hit ability.

Custom-Built Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Maraging Fairway Wood

Best features include:

  • Adjustable hosel sleeve that allows players to alter face angle, lie angle, and exchange shaft
  • The maraging face produce more energy transfer into the ball at impact
  • Improved recoil zone that promotes more face flexing for more distance
  • This fairway wood comes in the high-end Black PVD finish. Thus giving it that striking look.

The two robust and powerful Mondeo Jet Black Fairway Woods are available at the most affordable price. To purchase or check out for more Mondeo clubs please visit

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