Advantages of Integra Golf Components

Posted on January 14, 2013

If you are looking for cutting edge golf components that are crafted by using state of the art technology and let you enjoy superb performance at a realistic price, you should search for Integra golf components. Regarded as the manufacturer that is the epitome of value in golf equipment, Integra takes pride in offering great, innovative golf products at affordable prices. With a rich history that spans decades of offering quality golf products, this manufacturer has proved that you don’t need to spend a bomb to buy quality golf equipment. Priced for the everyday golfer, Integra golf components boast of the latest design features with a high degree of precision. When you place your order for Integra products, you can be rest assured that you will get optimum value for your money. If you are looking for golf clubs, you can get a wide range of Integra golf clubs to choose from. Starting from clubs for men and women, to those meant for anyone from beginner to a touring pro, you can select clubs that are designed after consideration of the differences between players and their swings. While the 2-layered club face of Integra SoooLong Bi-Face Driver is ideal for those who are looking to generate maximum distance and feel, the Heater F-35 Titanium Driver Head, where the cup face offset driver comes with a 3-gram weight situated low and towards the club face’s rear, is a good option for players trying to get the most favorable launch angle and spin rates. If you are searching for golf drivers that let you cover more distance off the tee, the Tour Made T11 driver, which promotes faster club head speed by expanding the head from front to back, would be a good bet. The center of gravity here is pushed more towards the rear by adding extra back weight, which in turn maximizes launch angle and forgiveness. Another golf component worth your money is the Integra Heater 4.0 Super Launch iron heads. The over sized irons in this component are designed for optimal forgiveness in the long to medium irons and are extremely accurate in the scoring or shorter clubs. The irons of Heater 4.0 Super Launch employ a medium sole on the 3-7 irons to generate faster ball speed, which results in soft landings, higher ball flight, and much improved precision. If you wish to explore the Integra iDrive line, you can take your pick from a variety of wood heads, iron shafts, wood shafts, and graphite shafts etc. Investing in these components will be ideal if you have golf drivers belonging to the iDrive line. So, if you want to kick your game of golf to a higher level without burning a hole in your pocket, make sure to browse and choose from golf components manufactured by Integra.