An Ultimate Guide About The Hybrid Golf Clubs
An Ultimate Guide About The Hybrid Golf Clubs

Posted on August 1, 2021

In golf practice, hybrid clubs, also known as utility clubs, have become increasingly popular with the golfing community. Learn more about hybrid golf clubs and replace your old iron and fairway wood clubs.

What are Hybrid Golf Clubs?

The word hybrid means something that is of mixed origin or composition. In golf, hybrid or utility clubs combined the main characteristics of iron and fairway wood clubs, and this gave rise to the production of one of the most influential clubs in hitting a golf ball. 

These clubs are useful in any game situation, and that's why the golfing community so appreciates them. These are specific clubs that have conquered their space in the golf club set of a golfer and can be used by both professionals and amateurs.

The Main Features of Hybrid Clubs

The use of hybrid clubs is advantageous for any golfer, which is due to their strength. 

  • Clubface Leveling: A hybrid features a flat face on its clubhead, allowing greater ball placement. This is a characteristic that is present in iron clubs and is contrary to wooden clubs that have a curved face;
  • The Weight of the Club: The weighing is distributed along with the club, similarly to what happens with iron clubs or fairway wood clubs. However, most wooden clubs have a greater concentration of weight ahead so the ball can go as far and straight as possible;
  • The Clubhead Sole: The head of a hybrid club is as broad as those on fairway wood clubs, and the club is similar in length to an iron club.

The Main Advantages of Hybrid Clubs

Using hybrid clubs on a golf course offers two essential advantages for any golfer. They are:

  • Greater Adaptability: One of the main advantages of a hybrid putter is its ability to adapt to the most varied game situations and, in them, be able to use the best of both worlds, that is, all the advantages of iron and iron clubs—fairway wood. Hybrid clubs are thus true chameleons that transform according to the needs of golfers.
  • A better Putt: Taking a putt with long iron clubs is very difficult to execute. In this way, hybrid clubs came to combat this handicap of irons and allow a golfer to take a shot with less effort and less loft. There are several reasons why a golfer does not do well with the use of a long iron club and, of the most common problems, the following stand out:
  1. A golfer is not able to do a complete turn over the shoulder of the backswing.
  2. It has a very rigid swinging movement and is out of rhythm.
  3. It has clubs with low lofts. They are very difficult to hold.

Are you still wondering how to make your game plan better in golf? Bet on golf club hybrids and win every game with ease. 
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