Another Golf Item to Watch Out: Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 Graphite Shafts

Posted on January 23, 2020

Another exciting news from your Monark Golf family: The Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 graphite shafts are now available at a pocket-friendly price.

Have you ever been shopping for golf clubs and wondered why those with graphite shafts are rated a few dollars higher than those with steel shafts? This is usually because of the many great advantages graphite shafts provide. They are lighter, offer more flex options, you feel minimal vibration, and they allow you to mix and match with the rest of the clubs for optimal length and more accuracy.

The brand new and original Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 graphite shafts are designed and prepared to provide players with the best of all these advantages. To raise the excitement even more, at Monark Golf we are offering these premium, high-performance shafts at an unbelievably low price.

The regular price of Fujikura Atmos Red is $250.00, but you can visit https://www.monarkgolf.com/sale/hot-deals/fujikura-graphite-shafts-on-sale-save-now/ and get your Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 graphite shaft at as low as $30.00 or 80% Off.

Know about Fujikura shafts

Fujikura is one of the top renowned companies, producing and providing top-notch quality golf shafts to golfers of all levels. They have been very consistent in producing the world’s best-performing golf shafts in the market.  The Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 graphite shaft is another perfect example of a quality item that you definitely want to check out.

Here are a few insights we have gathered about the Fujikura ATMOS Red 5 graphite shaft performance characteristics, which you might be interested to know:

  • The shaft has a higher launch profile.
  • It provides a consistent, smooth feel.
  • It includes “CAGE” technology, creating thinner, lighter walls that provide similar feel and control as that of a heavier shaft.
  • Includes Carbon Fiber Content for increased stability, distance and a better feel.
  • It has a mid/high launch, mid-spin design, most ideal for golfers looking for a mid to high trajectory with medium spin.

What to consider when upgrading your golf shaft

There are three important elements you need to consider when you plan to upgrade to a new golf shaft.  They are the length, the materials, and the amount of flex the shafts comprise of. Furthermore, when you choose your shafts, make your selection based on the level of your game and your physical stature. With the right shafts, you will begin to see a great improvement in your game.

Check out some of these excellent golf shafts that we have picked out for you.

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Fujikura ATMOS 5 Red

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