Availability of Hybrid Golf Club Sets

Posted on December 22, 2017

Golf Clubs are of different types such as Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters, Chippers and Hybrids and a standard golf set consists of fourteen golf clubs. The Hybrid Golf Club requires special mention as it provides the benefits of both a Wood and Iron and as a result an option to replace a number of either of these based on preference.

Golf Club Sets for Sale

Golf club sets are widely available on the Internet and called package golf set for men, women or kids if bought with the golf bag. They vary in price according to type, brand and material used to make them. They can be custom made according to a player’s exact requirements.

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Hybrid Golf Clubs

A Hybrid Golf Club is designed to combine the advantages of Woods and Irons into a single golf club. Woods are used when hitting the long-distance fairway and tee shots. But as these clubs have longer shafts, require more room to swing and skim over the turf instead of cutting into it, they make tighter shots such as those from the rough or from underneath trees very difficult. For this reason, Irons are preferred as they are versatile and allow for a variety of shots including tight lies requiring shorter compact swings. Although versatile, Irons too have disadvantages including low trajectory and very small space of the low-loft club head. To circumvent all shortcomings, many players use Hybrid Golf Clubs instead.

Hybrid Golf Club Set

These are available on a number of Internet sites. Over the years their popularity has grown and many players carry Hybrids, replacing Woods or Irons based on preference. On the Monarch Golf Website, they vary according to price, type, hand (right, left), player (men, women, children), shaft, degree of loft and number of clubs (4, 5, 10, 11).

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