Benefits of Counterbalance in Golf Clubs
Benefits of Counterbalance in Golf Clubs

Posted on February 27, 2020

You notice that one of your golf friends is playing so well, hitting all the shots so perfectly and ultimately end up winning the game. So, you go up to him and ask, “What’s the secret?” and then you hear this magic phrase “clubs counterbalanced.” If you have lately trying to understand the benefits of counterbalancing clubs, then this short blog is to help you grasp the idea of it.

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For golfers, having counterbalance weight provide significant benefits. A counterweight plays an important factor in creating a smooth tempo and consistent, continuous stroke. The Counterweight can be simply defined as the weight that balances or counterbalances another. In modern times as the shafts and clubheads have become lighter, counterbalancing commonly became about balancing with the weight of the club’s butt end.

The benefits of counterbalancing a club:

  • Counterbalance helps increase the club’s balance point.
  • Counterbalance provides stability and the extra weight offers more control over the clubs.
  • Counterbalance can help players achieve a fuller extension on their swing.
  • As it helps keep the hands steadier, counterbalancing a club is an excellent option for players suffering from yips or shakes.
  • As there is greater control over the club, players can work their shot angles better and take the best possible shot.

So how does counterbalancing work?

Counterbalancing helps reduce the natural movement in the clubhead that inevitably occurs when swinging the golf club. While this movement cannot be stopped, it can be controlled with counterbalancing, and it’s worth doing. The balance helps players have control and make better kick to the shaft. This also allows the ball to travel faster.

In addition, it helps golfers get better ‘feel’ over the club. A consistent putting stroke demands accurate tempo, balance, and timing. Counterbalance helps golfers achieve this by counterbalancing the weight along the grip length and decreasing the amount of muscular effort required to help golfer make a smooth swing motion.

Wrapping a tape under the grip is a common trick among the golfers for counterbalancing the club. Believe it or not, there are some excellent new developments around for counterbalancing golf clubs. It’s worth connecting with the golf club supplier to ask about weighting clubs. Most suppliers will be more than happy to assist you.

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