Best golf grips
Best golf grips for comfort and better performance

Posted on January 24, 2020

The effect a golf grip has on player’s performance is immense. The golf grip is the one club in the golf bag that can ruin the game or act as a great equalizer. To get the most out of your golf grips is to use grips that match your stroke and provide you with a comfortable grip feel.

There is no doubt that every golfer, amateurs and professionals are constantly trying to find golf grips that can help improve their performance and give them an edge in the game.

If you are looking for the same. Here are some excellent golf grips that you might want to try out.

Winn DriTac X Midsize Pistol Putter grips

Winn DriTac X Midsize Pistol Putter Grip

The Dri-Tac X putter grip is made from WinnDry polymer material to offer all-weather tackiness with exceptional feel, slip-resistance, and durability. A soft firmness rating provides more grip comfort and helps the player have pain-free playing experience.

Since this mid-sized grip is made slightly thicker, players with larger hands usually find this grip really favorable. However, it can also be quite handy for those who are trying to get control over the ball.

Winn DriTac X Standard grips

Winn DriTac X Standard grips

What makes this grip stands out from the competition is the scientifically engineered pattern which is meant to provide excellent traction in key grip areas. The textured pattern of the grip features hexagons, curved lines, and X-marks just in the right locations to provide the most optimal grip as well as a stylish look.

The padded outer layer is also super for moisture resistance, offering an enhanced level of comfort and resistance to sweet. Finally, the unique shape design is meant to help players reduce wrist action to improve their stroke.

Winn ProWrap Midsize grips

Winn ProWrap Midsize grips

The Winn ProWrap Midsize grips are just perfect for about any player. Made from a superior polycord material, the result is amazing. The grips provide particularly high grip, allowing you to take complete control over your clubs even in dry, humid and even in wet conditions.

The grips have a simple perforated design to maintain that classy look and still provide a great grip feel. Though the grip may feel soft at first, it can be firmer than other golf grips.

Winn DuraTech

Winn DuraTechWinn DuraTech Standard Golf Grips

If you seeking tackiness, comfort, and overall performance that is associated with the Winn golf grips, but with an enhanced look than the new DuraTech grip might just be what you are looking for. Made with a unique combination of polymer and rubber, this multi-material hybrid grip looks really cool and allows great control and performance.

The WinnDry XT polymer provides a comfortable, tacky feel, and the Elastom ETX rubber makes the grip responsive and long-lasting.

Remember, a good golf grip is when you are comfortable with it and it complies with your stroke.  So, which golf grips did you find best? Want to try them on your next game? Here is the good news, Monark Golf is currently offering WinnDry golf grips at a fantastic deep price discount, up to 45% off sales. Take advantage of this amazing offer and get your favorite golf grips.

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