Biggest Mistake Golfers Make When Buying/Ordering Golf Grips?
Biggest Mistake Golfers Make When Buying/Ordering Golf Grips?

Posted on March 20, 2022

Do you have new golf grips on your clubs? If not, you may be making a big mistake. This blog post will discuss golfers' biggest mistakes when buying or ordering golf grips. We'll also provide tips to help you choose the right grip for your game.

One of the biggest mistakes newbies and experienced golfers make is buying matching golf grips for all of their clubs. Each club has a different weight, size, and use, so you should not stick to one kind of golf grip. Changing grips regularly is also being ignored.

Another thing golfers overlook is what type of golf grips they should use. Below are the types and sizes of grip that may work best for you.

Choose the Best Type of Grip and Size For You

Grip Sizes

  • Standard = 0.58 to 0.60 in diameter.
  • Midsize = 1/16th inch larger than standard.
  • Oversize = 1/8th inch larger than standard.
  • Undersize = 1/64th inch smaller than standard.

Types Of Grips

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There are many different golf grips, and each one can improve your game differently. Take a look at the most common grip types and see how they can benefit your game. Whether you're just starting or playing for years, there's sure to be a grip type that's perfect for you!

Velvet Golf Grips

Rubber-blend compositions are frequently used for excellent feel and feedback. Velvet golf grips, in comparison to rubber grips, blended materials improve traction in damp circumstances. Many grips of this kind have a surface texture that isn't as abrasive as a cord but still improves grip and wicks moisture away. 

Golfers who prefer a firmer grip on their clubs may find these too soft.

Corded Golf Grips

A cord material is used in the production of corded grips. This material helps to generate extra traction in your palms even in rain and hotter weather.

Multi-Compound Construction Golf Grips

Rubber and cord performance are combined in multi-compound grips. The rubber material is frequently utilized in the lower hand for increased feel and responsiveness. In all types of weather, the cord material is frequently employed in the upper hand for optimal control.

Wrap Golf Grips

Wrap grips return to traditional leather grips, which feature leather parts surrounding the shaft. To create a slick soft surface texture, they now use novel materials.

Lightweight Golf Grips

It was only natural that when metal wood technology advanced and companies began to produce lighter fairway woods and drivers, the club's grips would also become lighter. As a result, certain metal wood grips are likely lighter than grips used on irons.

Putter Grips

Putter grips differ from iron and wood grips in several ways. To begin with, putters do not require the same grip or texture as golf clubs because players do not grasp or swing the putter as forcefully as they do a golf club.


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Grips are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer, and getting the wrong ones can mess up your game. In this post, we’ve talked about some of the biggest mistakes golfers make when buying or ordering golf grips so that you can avoid them in the future. 
If you want to learn more about alignment golf grips and how to choose the right ones for your game, be sure to check out our other posts on the subject. Also, if you’re looking for a new set of grips, don’t forget to visit us at Monark Golf– we have everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores.