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Buying Mondeo Golf clubs: Basic Guide

Posted on September 5, 2019

Golf clubs are tools used to strike the golf ball. A complete golf club consists of three components —the Shaft, the Grip, and the Head. Today we shall be talking about the club heads and what to consider while buying golf clubs.

While you may find different clubheads in cool designs, your goal shouldn’t be set on just finding clubhead that is attractive but in finding clubhead that performs. Your clubs, be it putters, drivers, irons, or wedges should help you take shots exactly the way you proposed. Here is some important information about clubs that you should be aware of as a golfer.


The driver typically has the largest clubhead among the clubs and is used for long-distance shots. The clubhead size of the driver may vary from one brand to another. Today most drivers are made using relatively lightweight material to allow it to swing faster. Generally, higher cc clubhead allows more forgiving during off-center shots, while lower cc clubhead offers better workability and enhances the player’s shot-making ability.

For a fresh pick, you can try the new cast titanium Mondeo Jet Black. It promotes maximum COR that offers maximum swing at minimum efforts. The CT (Characteristic Time) value of this driver has been measured to be 247 +/- 10.

Mondeo Jet Black Adjustable Cast Titanium Driver Head
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Comparatively, irons have smaller clubheads and shorter shafts than drivers. It is used to cover a different range of shots from short, mid to long-range. For a more accurate shot as you get closer to the hole, you should find an iron head that is smaller and thinner, such as the Mondeo 811 Hi-Elastic and Mondeo 759 Hot Face. The face of these iron heads is 2.0 to 2.1 mm and is made using two quality metals. The special insert face increases flexing and improves weight distribution.

Mondeo 811 Hi-Elastic Iron Heads
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Wedges almost look identical to irons because of their look and structure. It is the lofts that separate the clubs. The degree of loft in the wedges is higher than in the irons. This property in the wedge allows the player to improve accuracy and ball spin. When you search for wedges, don’t forget to examine the "bounce" on the wedge. The bounce in the wedge is the angle that is created between the edge line of the clubface and the ground line. The higher the bounce, the easier for your club to bounce off from the ground.

The new Mondeo 805 Wedges are made using a raw billet of carbon steel S20C. The scorelines of this wedge are milled to have precise width & depth, and the face is milled to promote maximum spin.

Mondeo 805 Dual-Milled CNC
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A putter is perhaps the most important clubhead. It is used to roll the golf ball right into the hole when the player is on the green. The face of the putter is almost flat or completely flat and is usually smaller than other clubs. When it comes to putter choice, it completely depends on personal preference. Putters come in a variety of head shapes, length, alignment, and weight placements. What’s important is that your putter should match the mechanics of stroke you have in mind. To find the best quality putters visit our website. MonarkGolf has not failed in delivering the best and quality golf clubs and golf components to customers.

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