Integra Dual-Compound Golf Grip
Can Integra Dual-Compound Golf Grip Provide Superior Comfort and Control

Posted on October 15, 2022

Golf grips are meant to provide players with more comfort and control over their clubs. What sets the Integra grips apart from other golf grips, is their durability and amazing resistance to damage.

Integra grips have come a long way. The new grips are more functional and high-performing than ever, thanks to the new material innovations that increase competitive advantages. The Integra dual-compound grip models include multi-density polymers that add strength, tackiness, and comfort where it's most needed. 

Take a look at the list of dual compound grips in the Integra grip line.

Integra Dual-Compound Golf Grip

The Integra dual-compound grip features a softer corded lower hand and harder upper hand that provide the players more control over their clubs and extend their shots. 

The upper part of the Integra dual-compound grip is added with more texture for traction and playability. The lower surface is smooth out with subtle grooves to provide players with a great feel and comfort. 

This range is available in Blue/Black and Red/Black designs.

Integra Dual-Compound Half-Cord Golf Grip

The half-cord Integra dual-compound grip is one of the most versatile golf grips on the market. If you have a faster swing speed or mostly play in humid conditions that cause your hands to sweat, this grip could be a perfect option for you.

With added textured cord at the top and a soft rubber material on the bottom, the Integra dual-compound half-cord grip combines the durable, feel, comfort, and all-weather performance you need when playing from tee to green.

This range is available in Blue/Black and Red/Black design

Integra Dual-Compound Full-Cord Golf Grip

The full-cord Integra dual-compound grip is strategically embedded with a soft cord at the upper and lower part to reduce slippage and ensure a secure grip. This grip is an ideal choice for players who have sweaty hands or play in all weather conditions where there is the tendency for moisture or water to impact the traction between their hands and grips. 

The Integra dual-compound full-cord grip not only provides all-weather playability but also a firmer feel over the clubs that is preferred by many players.

This range is available in Blue/Black and Red/Black design

Integra dual-compound grips are some of the best grips out there. If you want a golf grip that helps you have a better connection with your clubs, then Integra dual-compound grips should be on your best grip list. You can get the Integra dual-compound half-cord grip or full-cord grip depending on your game requirements.

The important thing for a player to do when buying a golf grip is to find the one that best suits their style skills and individual needs. So, choose the one that feels best in your hands and suits your playing conditions. When you find what you like, make sure that it works for your game as well.