Can Putter Grips Be Reused?
Can Putter Grips Be Reused?

Posted on April 1, 2021

Putter grips are quite easy to work on. Building up or regripping of grips, making them thinner, and switching from one putter grip to another are all easy tasks, which can be accomplished using simple tools and with a little patience.

Can a Putter Grip be Removed and Reused?

A putter grip can be removed and reused only if you can remove it neatly without damaging it and is in relatively good condition. If you are removing a grip that is too old, damaged, or completely worn-out, cutting it off and replacing it with a new putter grip is the best option.

If your grip is in good condition and wants to keep it for future use, you want to make sure that you are not damaging it during the removal process. Here are three tested ways to pry off the grips without tearing or ruining the material so you can reuse and recycle the grip in future clubs. 

Air Compression

The first method is using an air compression machine. Here the goal is to essentially blast off the grip from the club using the force of the air. 

Take an air compression machine and insert the thin air compressor nozzle into the cab hole of your golf grip. Next, carefully release air into the grip, allowing the adhesive to break and separate the grip from the club. Make sure that the pressure is not too strong, as a high burst of air can tear up the grip and make it unusable. 

Once it’s done, remove the compressor nozzle from the club and carefully slide off the grip from the club.

Spring-rod Grip Removers

The next method to remove a grip is by using a spring-rod. You will also require an adhesive-removing solvent like acetone or paint thinner. 

For this method, hold your club upright and insert the edge of the spring-rod beneath the rim of your grip. Work the tool under the grip material by gently twisting it together with the wrapping of the grip. Avoid pushing too hard, as it can tear the grip. 

Take the adhesive-removing solvent and squeeze a small amount into the space created between the grip and the club by the tool. The solvent will help dissolve the adhesive inside and make it easier for the grip to slide off. 

Keep adding the solvent and working your tool around the inside of the grip until the grip pops and you are able to pull it off from the club. Remove the excess adhesive left on the club using a club cleaner. 

Solvent Pump

Take a canister and fill it with acetone or adhesive-dissolving solvent. Next, insert the canister needle between the grip material and the metal of the club, then pump in the acetone. Insert the needle in several places around the shaft so that the solvent goes in throughout the space between the grip material and the metal of the club. The solvent will work to dissolve the glue that holds the grip and club together. Once the glue is dissolved properly you will be able to easily slide off the grip from the club.

If you are starting to see that your putter grip isn’t working well as it should and consider changing or regripping it, make sure you choose the putter grip that offers great feel, durability and performance. At Monark Golf we offer putter golf grips made of high-quality material that offer comfort, durability, and all-weather performance.