Can Ribbed Golf Grips Make Players More Accurate?
Can Ribbed Golf Grips Make Players More Accurate?

Posted on September 21, 2022

Golf grip being the only part of the club in contact with the player during a swing, the specifications and particularity of the grip become a crucial factor to consider. Hitting consistent, accurate shots begins with building a solid connection between the player and his/her club with a proper and consistent grip.

While there are several techniques for gripping golf clubs the right way, a good golf grip can make things a lot easier. Ribbed or “Reminder” golf grips are designed to guide players to achieve correct hand placement on their club. 

When this grip is installed there is a small ridge that runs along the length underside of the grip. This reminds the player where to place their hands and fingers on the grip. Having achieved correct and consistent grip on their grip, players get the confidence and support needed to make accurate shots every time. 

Quality ribbed golf grips are commonly made of high-quality material that can absorb the shock produced during a swing. This adds comfort to the palms, making players feel comfortable during each swing. The optimal comfort and correct hand placement on the grip are seen to provide support in driving accuracy and distance.

Re-Grip Your Clubs For More Accurate Shots

Is your game struggling to make accurate shots? Perhaps one of the simplest and quick solutions is regripping your clubs.

An ill-fitted or worn-out grip can have a negative impact on your swings and overall performance. Gripping too tight to secure an ill-fitted grip will decrease the speed of your club head and cause you to lose distance. Playing with a worn-out grip also increases the risk of the club head shifting from square, which can result in off-center strikes and inaccurate shots.

Golf professionals recommend changing golf grips at least once a year. However, if you play frequently, consider re-gripping every 3-6 months. Worn grips will not offer the same traction, feel, and stability as newly installed grips. 

The Best Ribbed Grips To Get Started

The Rexton Velvet golf grip from Monark Golf is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a ribbed golf grip for a comfortable and accurate swing. 

This grip features a proven grip pattern and alignment ridge that allows you to correctly grip your club and align your posture with your swing to get accurate shots. The grip comes with a State-of-the-art soft rubber compound combined with a proven non-slip surface pattern for maximum comfort, playability, and consistency in all weather conditions. 

Around the green where you need the best feel and comfort, you will not be disappointed with the Rexton Velvet golf grip.


Many players find ribbed golf grips helpful in making accurate shots, by offering comfort and guiding them to properly grip their clubs. However, a solution that works for one may not work for the other. The key is to ensure that you find a grip that you are comfortable and confident using. 
If you like to try out Rexton Velvet golf grip for your game visit Monark Golf or check out the range of quality golf grips available on the website and pick one that you think will produce the best results for you.