Choose the Right Golf Shafts from Monark Golf

Posted on July 15, 2016

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As when golfers choose new clubs, they need to know their own swing and their aim when making a shaft selection. They also need to know the kinds of shafts accessible. In selecting shafts, for example, a golfer needs to know swing speed, normal or desired ball trajectory, desired force and club length. Based on that knowledge, best golf shafts selection can be made usually between two materials, steel, and graphite.

Steel & Graphite:  The features of steel and graphite are dissimilar. While contrasting steel shafts and the graphite shafts of the same length, the steel shaft will be heavier. Steel also has a lower torque rating than graphite. Steel is also sturdy in that it doesn't have any surface covering that can become scratched. Graphite shafts are lighter and have a greater extent of torque that gives the golfer more options.

Flex and Kick Point- The right shaft selection depends on swing speed. Shafts come in one of three or four flex types: ladies, regular, stiff, and extra stiff. These are not ubiquitous terms. There is not an industry standard analogous to the swing speeds for each flex category. Generally, swing speeds with a driver that are below 80 or 85 would need a regular flex, while speeds of 85 to 95 or 100 would need a stiff flex.

Torque- A shaft's torque rating cite to the extent of twisting the shaft and club face will withstand during a swing. A lower rating will feel hard.

Shaft Length- The shaft length relies upon on height, or more expressly, the space from the bend of the wrist to the floor when standing up. If that distance measures around 34 to 35 inches, usual shaft lengths are most likely correct.

There are lots of things to consider in choosing a golf club shafts; however, a good retailer, on-line or otherwise, should give information on the features of a shaft. They should also be able to help with deciding your swing speed and the shaft length you need. Producers will surely have that information readily accessible. With the correct shaft, any golfer, heedless of skill level, will be happier with his or her game.  Shafts can be purchased while they are being sold on sale. An even golfer can buy grips when golf grips on sale.

Monark Golf Supply is located in Los Angeles.  The business grew from a brick and mortar distributor with a printed mail order catalogue for resellers and club makers to an e-commerce retailer providing over 1,500 items online to the golfing public. They are operating their own warehouse and shipping from their own inventory. The selection of left handed golf club heads is one of the largest in the golf industry.