Custom Golf Drivers
Choosing the Right Custom Golf Drivers

Posted on October 19, 2020

At Monark Golf, we have a wide selection of custom golf drivers and we believe choosing the right ones is crucial to your performance. However, before settling on a golf driver, particular aspects should come into play. Understanding these aspects comes in handy while making an informed purchase.

Should your Driver be Adjustable?

It is possible to have an adjustable golf driver that will help achieve the desirable ball flight. An adjustable driver will have a wrench for altering the loft, lie angle and face angle. However, some players do not like the adjustable driver and in favour, are usually bent towards unadjustable ones. This is because of the price tag and a heavier weight.

Anti-slice Options

Anti slice options prevents golfers from slicing the golf ball off the tee. Drivers with offset hosels are designed to prevent slicing. The other option is to go for a driver with a straight hosel. However, if slicing comes as the first consideration on your bucket list, consider a driver with an offset hosel.

Standard or Tour

Average and novice golfers would opt for a standard custom golf driver. Standard drivers achieve high ball airborne by providing the golfer with more closed faces and shafts, plus a huge sweetspot for higher forgiveness.

A standard driver is designed for the average golfer with average swing speed, this driver head has 10.5º or 12º loft angle to promote a higher ball flight. The higher loft angle is supported by a shaft promoting a higher ball flight. It is critical to select a shaft that will support / improve your game.

Golfers with a higher, aggressive swing speed prefer a lower loft angle such as 8.5º or 9.5º to promote a controlled ball flight, otherwise the ball flight will be too high and gets out of control. Drivers with a lower loft often come with a shaft promoting a low-mid ball flight.

Tour preserved custom golf drivers are set aside for professional or ameuter players. Go for a tour driver if you have excellent shooting skills, and can easily shape the direction of the ball despite the set dead square.


We usually advise golfers to put less consideration on the price tag. Mostly, you should purchase a golf driver that feels the best and allows you to perform your level-best.

The type of driver you choose will set the tone for your game. Custom golf drivers are tailor-made to fit every golfer’s specific needs. We understand not every player is the same and all these differences are put in place while designing our custom golf drivers. Visit today and shop our wide selection of custom golf drivers for sale.