Common mistakes to watch out for when Re-Griping Your Clubs

Posted on December 10, 2020

Re-Gripping your club is an effective way to improve the consistency and ability of your game pay. If your grip is not consistent because your golf grip keeps slipping off, you will fail to maintain consistency in your swing as well. The small amount of slippage in your grip can impact your ability to control your club and the clubface. 

This why is it’s important that you re-grip your golf grips if the existing grip is old or damaged. It is also important to ensure that you are regripping your golf grip properly, as an improperly fitted grip can cause you to play poorly. To help you make sure that your grips are fitted right, here are some common mistakes to watch out for when re-gripping your clubs. 

Don’t leave the old tape behind

You will have to remove the old tapes from your club so that you can add new ones. When removing the old grip make sure that you carefully remove all parts of the old tapes. Leaving old tape or a part of it will prevent the new tapes from sticking properly and cause unwanted bulges when trying to attach your new grip. Most importantly, there will be an increase in the diameter of the grip, which will probably affect the feel of your grip. 

Both sides of the tap should be sticky

When you have all the old tapes removed, you can measure the length of tape you require, cut it, and apply the new tape. Remember both sides of the tape should be sticky, so make sure to remove the wax paper backing from both sides of the tape. This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s definitely worth to re-check because the grips are unusable, and once installed, you can’t take it out without tearing them out.

If you realize that you have forgotten to remove the wax paper backing, do not attempt to use the club. The grip could slide off from the shaft which can cause serious harm or injury. 

Using your solvent

The solvent is an important component you need while re-ripping your club. It works to lubricate your shaft and grip so that you can easily install your new grip onto your shaft. It also acts as a tape activator. So when it dries out the stickiness of the tape turns to contact mode and securely attached the grip to the shaft. 

When using your solvent, make sure you are not stingy about applying it. If there is not enough solvent, there is a high chance of your grip getting stuck midway when trying to install on your shaft. 

Avoid sliding your grip

When installing your grip onto the shaft, make sure that you are pushing the grip as straight as possible. If you slide the grip, it can cause the grip to break apart. By sliding your grip, you will also be causing the solvent to rub away, hence losing lubrication and causing the grip to get stuck midway. 

Be patient

It can be tempting to take the clubs out for a shot once the new grips on. However, it’s strongly recommended to wait at least 6 hours for the solvent to dry out completely before using it. Leave it in a cool and dry place. 

So now you know common mistakes to avoid while re-gripping your clubs, you should be able to re-grip your clubs much better now. If you want to find the best quality golf grips or best-priced golf clubs and equipment, feel free to visit Monark Golf and find golf items of top brands and high quality.