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Posted on June 19, 2019

Monark Golf is glad to introduce the Golf Pride Golf Club Grips. The brand has been a leading designer of industry quality grips since 1953.

Are you looking for a solid feel grip, don’t look back; you are in the right place.

A true golf player knows how to choose the best grip for their needs. If you are not yet one, am glad you came, because we will definitely explain what defines a great golf grip. The type of grip that a player chooses has a tremendous effect on performance. Well, the grip is the only point of the club that comes into contact with the player. Would you expect any less? Custom fitting a select number of golf clubs would call for numerous trial and error tests of various grips. You should put much preference on your hands while making your selection. A good grip is one that is proportionate to the hand size. It easily accommodates swift and slow hand motion and allows for more consistencies.

An additionally important factor is moisture. Moisture is usually dependent on the prevailing weather condition. It is impossible to control body moisture and might end up affecting your clasp on the golf grip. A grip material that has the ability to mitigate the grip from slipping from one’s hands is recommendable.  

Golf pride has invested in both factors to create golf grips that will never disappoint, whether it is a rainy day or not. Grips of all sizes that will easily fit in with any player. The choice of material is also high quality and guarantees no sliding or slipping off the hand.

Golf Pride CP2 PRO

Notable features of the grips in the pure golf pride grips include; soft performance, which are available in both CP2 PRO and CP2 Wrap models. The innovative core control technology which adds swing stability and reduces the torque by up to 40%. This enables the grip to achieve a soft tacky feel which is suitable for better performance.  The soft rubber material also adds up to high traction and ergonomic comfort.

To achieve optimum comfort plus high load performance, the taper is reduced so that the player can apply light hand grip pressure. You would never sacrifice performance with this beautiful golf pride grips because they will be the pride of your golfing career.

The grip material influences the level of vibration that is exerted on your hands from contact with the ball. Commonly, this influence is known as the shot feedback and swing performance depends on it. Softer grips absorb higher pressure, vibration while firm golf grips provide higher shot feedback. Maximum shock abs option contributes to shock reduction and significant vibration dampening. On the other hand, moderate shock absorption is the highlight of a stable grip with perfect shot feedback. For significant feedback and a firm grip, we recommend maximum shot feedback.

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