Does Golf Grip Size really Matter?

Posted on December 10, 2020

Have you ever thought about whether your golf grips hinder your ability to hit more consistent and better shots? They surely do. If you are playing golf with worn-out clubs grips or that feels just too slippery, you are definitely going to have a tough time achieving good shots.

Apart from quality, the golf grip size can also play important roles. As you already know that your grip is also the only part that is connecting you with the rest of the club, without the right grip size, you could be preparing your shot for disaster.

The right golf grip size is needed to ensure the energy is transferred efficiently from your swing to the ball, without wasting anything in between. When this is achieved, you achieve maximum ball speed. 

What happens when you use a golf grip that is too small?

When holding your grip, your hands should be relaxed, and grip your golf grip just firmly enough that it doesn’t slip away from your hand. When the grip size is too small, you will notice that your fingers are digging into your palms and your forearms feel tight through the swing. This means you are over gripping your golf grip. Over gripping causes loss of energy transfer and a decrease in clubhead speed. The strain in the wrist and hands hinders the flow of the energy, resulting in fewer power shots. 

What happens when you use a golf grip that is too big?

Oversize grips have been attempted to prevent golfers from over-gripping and stabilize their wrists from moving too much. But when the golf grip is just too big, it will restrict and slow down your wrist movements, often causing you to lose your swing speed and square the clubface with enough speed. 

How can you find the right golf grips size for you?

The best way to find a grip size that is right for you is by testing your swings using different sized grips on your golf clubs. So before you choose a new golf grip, it’s definitely a good idea to try it out once to make sure it’s right for you.

Examine how your shot reacts to each grip size and which one allows you to make better shots. It’s also important to consider how you feel when using the grip. If you are able to make a straight shot by gently holding the grip without squeezing your fingers into the palms and without straining your wrists and hands, then you have probably found the right grip size. 

If you find yourself uncomfortable holding your grips, it’s probably best to try and find a different grip size than the one you are currently using. The key here is to find a grip that allows you to comfortably connect with your club and keep the energy flowing from the core rotation of your body to the swing. 

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