Driver Heads on Sale – Starting at $7.90

Posted on March 29, 2015

We recently came across a batch of titanium driver heads with previous designs.
  • The club heads are fresh from factory sealed boxes, all heads are in original shrink wrapper and brand new condition. These heads are A-1 quality, not factory rejects.
  • The club head size is anything from 350 cc to 460 cc volume.
  • Older club head designs are compact head profile (that's why the smaller volume) but all feature a deep face. The face on older head designs as almost as deep as today's heads with extended face-to-rear distance.
  • On Sale are head in Right Hand (straight hosel and offset hosel) as well as Left Hand, many different lofts.
  • Heads are hot forged Titanium.
  • Heads are offered below replacement prices.
  • Review online available titanium driver heads on sale, click on this link: