Driving It Home: Quick Tips For Choosing The Perfect Golf Driver
Driving It Home: Quick Tips For Choosing The Perfect Golf Driver

Posted on October 28, 2021

Anyone well versed in sports will know that developing a skill in it is only one side of the coin; choosing the perfect equipment for it being the other one. Golf is no different. Every golfer wants to score an easy ace, but how quickly they achieve it relies heavily on how perfectly your golf tee is suited to them. Choosing the perfect driver, especially, often tends to be the biggest challenge for players. What, then, makes a golf shaft driver perfect for you? Here is a quick guide of things to keep in mind while purchasing your next driver:

Size Matters 

The size of the clubhead should ideally be the size of the clubhead. A quintessential clubhead size would range between 440cc- 460cc. Smaller club heads generally weigh less and offer more mobility, making them ideal for those seasoned in the sport. Larger heads, however, are generally more ‘forgiving’ and are thus better suited to novice golfers.

Height Matters As Well 

The length of the shaft can largely influence the impact of the throw. Most drivers have a shaft measuring between 45 and 46 inches for the best control. While longer shafts may help swing the ball further, length generally comprises accuracy. 

What Makes the Driver 

The composition of a golf driver- or what it is made out of- determines its weight and mobility. Golf drivers that are commonly available in markets today are generally made from titanium. Titanium being light and durable, allows companies to produce drivers with larger clubheads without increasing their weight. This not only offers more mobility but also increases accuracy in aim. Drivers generally have two kinds of crowns- some have a matte finish, while others are shiny. While the choice of crown depends entirely on one’s taste, a crown with a matte finish generally reduces glare and performs better under the sun.

A Lofty Choice 

A driver’s loft is the angle that the clubface makes with the ground. It manages the trajectory of swing and its impact. The traditional range of loft is generally between 6 degrees and 20 degrees. Lower lofts are better for those who hit upward and swing slow, making them the better option for new golfers. Higher lofts, on the other hand, are better for downward, fast-paced swinging action. 

How Quick it Flexes

Flexes are important in clubheads but crucial in drivers. Shafts that are less stiff produce higher, leftward launches while stiffer ones generally swing the ball downwards and towards the right. The kind of flex you choose will depend entirely on your golf swing. Most manufacturers offer shafts with Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff flex options.

Golf shaft drivers are seldom one-size-fits-all. The sheer variety of the drivers' shape, size, and weight may make the selection process seem endless. Monark Golf offers a wide range of shaft drivers across all sizes, shapes, and color choices. The superior quality of its products makes it one of the top choices for golf drivers' sales, whether online or in-store. Whether you’re a low or high swinger, a downward or upward beater, we hope your next driver gets you that ace you’ve been looking for!