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Everything to Know about Replacing Your Golf Club Grips

Posted on December 19, 2017

There are plenty of times when you would need to replace your golf club grips, but how do you know when or which ones to use? There are plenty of things that you should look that will signal that you need to get new ones, such as slipping, size and more. Make sure that you know when you need to get new ones, including how to tell just by feel, which can be determined when you are swinging or simply holding the club.

When to Replace the Grips

If you spot some golf grips on sale make sure that you are getting the best ones for your needs as well as for your game. However, there are some things to look out for when it comes to whether or not they need to be replaced, including the following:

  • Too worn and slick, which would be seen by having problems controlling the face of the club. This means badly struck shots and muscle tightness or tension in the arms, wrists and hands.

  • Too large, which leaves the clubface open during impact

  • Too hard, which leaves shock waves or excessive levels of stinging to the hands when shots are taken

  • Too soft, which can be seen when the shots aren’t feeling pure

  • Not aligned properly, which you can see because the hands will be hard to place properly

  • Uncomfortable, which can affect your swings and will make it harder for you to hold the club or even swing it properly.

All of these are signs that you would need to replace the current ones that are on your clubs. You need to make sure that you are picking the right ones based on these criteria as well, such as the feel, texture, size and more. There is so much to know about golf club grips, but you should know if they feel comfortable and natural and if they are affecting your game.

You need to know when you should be replacing the standardized options on your clubs, so make sure to check out the various golf grips on sale. There are plenty of things to look for, or even feel for, when you are using the clubs to determine if you are using the right ones. Choosing the right ones will make holding the clubs comfortable and will make your swing better and your game will improve almost immediately.

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