Five Ways To Protect Your Golf Clubs During Travel
Five Ways To Protect Your Golf Clubs During Travel

Posted on September 28, 2021

A set of quality golf clubs surely is a valuable investment for most of us. Travelling with golf clubs is a love-hate relationship for most players. While it can be exciting to reach the destination and start your game, the journey can be a hassle, especially if you are travelling with your golf clubs and haven’t taken measures to protect them. At Monark Golf, we offer exciting discounts on golf clubs and golf essentials, so that you get the best quality clubs at a reasonable price and essentials to protect them.

Nothing is more disappointing than reaching your destination and finding out your club heads were damaged thanks to either lack of club head covers, golf essentials, or shoddy packing. If you are to play an exciting new course, usually you would want to take your own set of clubs as your weaponry for the game. The last thing you want is open to a bag of broken or damaged golf clubs.

Here are five ways to secure your clubs for travel and make sure they reach safely at your destination. 

Get A Sturdy Quality Golf Bag

Having a quality golf bag is imperative to protect your golf clubs. This is the first line of defence. 

One of the common failures during travel is the golf shafts. Most golf shafts tend to easily snap as they are unable to handle the literal forces they observed during travel. The solution is to get a quality golf bag. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard shell golf bag (although it does an excellent job), just need to ensure the bag is sturdy enough and has plenty of foam on the top half. A sturdy bag will resist bending and the foam will protect the weak point of your clubs from snapping. 

Install A Support Arm

While a golf bag protects your club against lateral forces, a softshell travel bag may be susceptible to a top force. A support arm is a small investment that you can make to prevent tons of sadness. A support arm sits firmly inside the bag like a club and extends taller than the rest of your clubs to protect and prevent them from getting crushed. 

Remove The Clubheads

If you can’t get a support arm, you can choose to remove the heads of your clubs and wrap the ends of the shafts with a cloth or other protective golf essentials. Removing the heads of your fairway woods and drivers provide extra protection, as it helps minimise the chance of breakage.

Use Headcovers

Club headcover is a valuable golf essential to invest in. The headcovers are designed to protect the clubheads from damage that may occur when your clubs jostle around in the bag. The headcovers work as a barrier to prevent the clubs from banging against each other, preventing chips and scratches. While headcovers are not essential, they work to provide an extra layer of protection to your clubs at a modest price. 

Fill Up The Open Spaces Inside The Bag

Perhaps you don’t have removable clubheads or find headcovers as an extra expenditure you don’t want to make. In this case, make sure that you fill up any voids between or on top of the clubs with a cloth or towel. This will help reduce the risk of bends or cracks. You may also use bubble wrap or packaging paper around your clubs. 

The empty void inside the bag can cause issues. Therefore, filling up the space will help your clubs from rattling and at the same time provide a secure barrier to protect them from impacts. 
Hopefully, the above methods prove helpful in protecting your clubs from damage during travel. If you are looking for the best golf essentials to protect your clubs or improve your game, feel free to check our collections at Monark Golf.  You can also find a great discount on golf clubs and other golf equipment. Monark Golf is well known to provide high-quality golf clubs, equipment, and golf essentials.