Fujikura Golf Shafts among Top Contenders for Professional Games

Posted on November 19, 2013

How good your game of golf is depends on the kind of golf clubs that you carry in your kit. The kind of shaft present on your club makes tremendous difference to your game. If you are looking to excel in golf, then attention needs to be paid to the kind of shaft chosen for a club. The shaft is a long tube-like structure that connects the golf head to the hands of a golfer. This shaft can be made of graphite or steel. It can have a particular tip diameter and even be characterized by a double or triple-bend putter. This is the part of the club that actually drives it. It works on two aspects:
  • Controlling the weight of the club, which in turn influences the angle at which the ball is launched
  • The lighter the weight of the club the better swing you will be able to achieve
Choosing the right kind of shaft is based on evaluation of the following:
  • Degree of flex
  • Material used in construction
  • Kick-point location
  • Torque
  • Length of the shaft
Brands of Shafts Fujikura golf shafts: These are shafts that are primarily used by professionals during tours. One of the models is the Fujikura Motore Speeder, which takes a classic style and redoes it for a modern version of the game. In fact, an upgraded version of the Speeder 757 will be released shortly along with a few others from the same label. It is characterized by smooth loading and stability at the tip. UST shafts: An important aspect of choosing a shaft for your iron is being able to find the right balance between weight, flex and torque. The advantage with UST shafts is that the company allows you to customize a shaft with proportions that will improve your game. This is what makes it completely unique. One of their top rated shafts is the Proforce VTS. True Temper golf shafts: For years now, some of the True Temper golf shafts have been an integral part of the PGA Tours. Models such as the Dynamic Gold Iron Shaft come with a unique SensiCore shock absorption technology incorporated into it. It comes with a low shaft trajectory and therefore makes for an excellent choice in professional games. When making a choice in shafts, it is important to understand a particular series from a brand and how it can affect your game. Each manufacturer incorporates a different set of features into their shafts and your choice will depend on your knowledge of the product and its abilities.