Get The Best Winn Golf Grips From Monark Golf

Posted on July 13, 2015

Why is a golf grip important?

It is the only direct connection between the club and the golfer and therefore is very crucial. It is very essential to know the core size of the grip and the one which fits your best.

How to choose a golf grip?

  • A golf grip depends upon five important factors: size, material, texture, firmness and weather conditions. The correct size is the most important factor because an improper fit can cost you three or four strokes every round. If you are not sure of the size try Winn’s golf grips which are further categorized into comfort, responsive and putter.
  • The material used is generally rubber or synthetic rubber and sometimes cord weave is used in wet or humid conditions. Most of them are available in various surface textures and the pattern and design create that smooth or abrasive feel. Firm grips are favoured by professionals and comfort grips by those in the beginner or intermediate level.
  • It is of utmost importance for golfers to take special care when playing in humid conditions to prevent their clubs from slipping away when hitting a shot.
  • The grips are available in many sizes ranging from regular to jumbo. A misfit size will end up in slicing or hooking and an interesting way to find the best grip is to measure it from your wrist to the end of your longest finger.

Monark Golf

With Monark Golf you will find a huge array of the most popular Winn grips in diverse colours, sizes, and options from the best manufacturers like Lamkin and Winn and others too. There is an option of doing it yourself in the grip kits available with them. So if you are planning to change your grip, Monark should be your first stop.

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