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Golf Club Irons for a Better Game

Posted on July 7, 2017

The golfers who seek some increased distance on their golf shots may seek for shafts that are flexible as the solution. If an ideal situation is considered, a golf shaft that is most flexible lets the head of the club move quicker through the zone of hitting. This generates greater power along with a long shot. However greater power may be achieved at the cost of accuracy, so the golfer should take into account the benefits of stiffer golf shafts before they purchase flexible shafts for their irons.

Iron shafts do not bend quite far during the downswing if they are compared to the shafts that are more flexible. The angle to which the shaft bends determines the lagging of the head behind the hands of the golfer on the downswing, along with the speed with which the head snaps forward at the swing's bottom.

  It is known that a golfer having a fast swing cadence along with a short backswing is sure to play better with stiffer iron shafts. These stiffer shafts permit them to gain a better control on their irons without compromising much distance.

  • Iron shafts help the golfers to have more control

Iron shafts are generally nominated for the golfers who generate high speed with club heads. If the swing tempo of a player is equal to or higher than 90 mph, a stiff iron shaft will surely be a good fit.

  • These stiff shafts carve the way to better short games

While discussing short irons, gaining control is more significant than the distance. Quite a number of manufacturers having golf club sets for sale generally increase the stiffness in short irons so that the control is increased, and increase the softness in long irons so that it covers a greater distance.

With the increased control in the nature and tempo of the swing, a golfer may rest assured that the custom golf irons will help them to a better game. While the flexible golf shafts have their own upsides, the number of advantages of the stiffer iron shafts exceeds the former. It should also be kept in that there is no fixed standard of industries regarding the nature of shafts, hence the stiff shaft of one manufacturer may be different from the shaft of another. The process of finding the right custom golf iron to improve your game is no less than an investigative process.

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