Golf Sets Buying For The Beginners

Posted on August 19, 2015

Most golfers will agree 3 sand wedge or 3 pitching wedges will handsomely comprise the standard set of golf irons. The golf clubs on sale these days have a wide variety and needs careful selection. The experienced folk may not face many issues here, but to the beginner it could prove a challenge.

What is a golf set?

  •   Irons, fairways, putter, drivers, hybrids, head covers and bags.
  •   Irons should ideally be made from stainless steel.
  •   Cast irons are better than forged irons.


  •   It is very important to know the goals for which the clubs are being bought. Golf heads are a very important part of the iron. If the idea is leisure involving playing once in a while far and between, then investment need not be high.
  •   It is important to know the level of dedication and passion with which one wishes to pursue the sport such caliber of clubs to be purchased can be judged.
  •   Some people initially opt for used clubs against new ones. Thus, if it is one of those hobbies, which one tends to drop soon, the investment loss will not be much.
  •   Stick to a budget.

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