Golf Shaft-Swing Your Way Into the Game
Golf Shaft-Swing Your Way Into the Game

Posted on June 28, 2021

Golf shafts are one of the most important components of a golf club, since the shaft you choose may make or break your game. Golfers frequently overlook this component, yet the shaft determines the proper golf swing.

Shafts are the golf stick's powerhouse, converting the swing with which players hit the stick and transfer it to the clubhead and subsequently to the golf ball. It can be difficult to pick amongst so many designs and material alternatives on the market. Continue reading to make the procedure easier.

Flex, Speed and Distance

Golfers strive for lateral accuracy in every game; it is difficult to achieve, but with specific club shaft golf mixed with swing speed will increase distance. To achieve this level of precision, you must first understand the many types of shafts and which one is best suited to your needs based on criteria such as speed, power, and playing style.

Types of Golf shaft

The market offers several sorts of shafts based on material; nevertheless, in order to select the best shaft, one must first understand the shaft material. Here are a few examples:

  • Steel shaft for average swing 

Golfers who desire more power in the field should use these shafts. By its very nature, steel is heavier, more durable, and less expensive than other types of shafts on the market.

Steel shafts transmit greater power and have a higher accuracy value than aluminium shafts. They allow for a faster swing speed.

  • Graphite Shaft for Women and Senior

Women and seniors who are unable to achieve a high swing speed should use these. It is much smaller and more expensive than a steel one. Graphite design shafts weigh 50 to 85 grams, which is half the weight of steel shafts.

It causes a bend in the swing, and the lightweight material allows for faster swings and greater strength, but players risk losing control. Professionals will benefit the most from it.

  • Titanium Shafts for all

Titanium shafts are lighter than steel and provide better control than graphite. So if you are looking for lightweight and control, Titanium shafts are the one. It is best suited for tee shots.

  • Mixed Material Shafts for Professionals

Steel and graphite are combined to make these golf club shafts. It specifies the many playing styles used around the world. Steel allows for more control over the trajectory, while graphite guarantees that the distance is maintained, reducing vibration.

  • Flex defines the trajectory

It is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a shaft. It has a direct impact on distance and direction. Flex transfers power from the shaft to the golf club, making the game more enjoyable. Flex has control over the shot's height, speed, swing route, and curvature. When deciding on the flex, keep in mind your swing speed and distance.
If you are an amateur or professional golf player, you must understand that swing speed, shaft flex, the material will decide the distance and efficiency of every shot in the field. Understand your needs and shots and choose accordingly. Visit MONARK GOLF INC. to purchase premium golf shafts, sticks and other golf accessories at the lowest shipping rate.