Golfers are Switching to JUMBO GRIPS... should YOU?
Golfers are Switching to JUMBO GRIPS… should YOU?

Posted on March 10, 2022

Oversized golf grips are becoming progressively trendy. These grips were once used to aid senior citizens who have arthritis. This has changed a lot in the last few years. Players discover that moving to oversized grips has some major advantages, as long as you can swing with them.

This is not the blog post for you if you play golf with a small cadet golf glove. Without giving away too much of our valuable information, you must have a specific hand size to play with a large golf grip.

Why You Shouldn't Use Oversized Golf Club Grips

Golfers with small hands may find big grips to be inconvenient. If you have trouble with a slice or push, a larger grip may worsen the problem by impeding your release.

Similarly, golfers who want to improve their draw (right-to-left stroke pattern) will discover that a narrower grip makes it easier to turn the club over at impact.

Another thing to think about is a larger grip near the bottom than at the top. This is usually accomplished by placing more tape beneath the grip's lower section, which relieves strain in the bottom hand and allows you to hit the ball farther.

When To Use Jumbo Grips?

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Jumbo golf grips are mostly utilized by golfers who have larger hands. When players with big hands use an enlarged golf grip, they will benefit from it.

Certainly, any golfer might get acclimated to all of these advantages. Is it now time to consider whether or not bigger golf grips are right for you?


Golfers who have arthritis have always utilized larger grips. The narrower the diameter of a grip, the more strength is required to grasp it securely when swinging.

Because the improved bigger grips lessen how tightly your hands must clench the club, arthritis discomfort can be significantly reduced. Their grip size may determine an arthritic golfer's ability to play the game.

Big Hands

Taller golfers can now discover better clubs thanks to technological advancements. This is evident in the professional ranks, where top players with heights greater than 6 feet are more common than ten years ago. 

When a club slips about in your hands, it's still difficult to make a good swing. Because tall players typically have large hands, bigger grips can assist them in better holding onto their clubs while also being more comfortable.

Shape Shots

Many golfers are unaware that grip size has a significant effect on the formation of their shots. You may have a possibility to hook the ball if your grips are too small. Oversized grips can aid in the alignment of your shots. However, if you tend to slice the ball, you should avoid big grips since they can worsen your slice.

Benefits of Jumbo Grips

  • Low grip pressure.
  • Increase comfortability and pain relief.
  • Helps ball trajectory.
  • Less wrist movement.

Should You Use Jumbo Grips? 

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Hopefully, this explanation about big grips and how they might improve or harm your golf game was helpful. A jumbo golf grip can significantly impact your game if you are a golfer with larger hands or a senior who suffers from arthritis or pain in the hands.

Try hitting a few shots with a larger grip before altering the grips on all of your clubs to see how it affects the club's feel. You might not realize how much of an impact a small modification like this can make in your game.
Starting with a larger putter grip is a terrific way to get into the world of bigger golf grips. If you enjoyed this article, visit Monark Golf to learn more!