Here’s an Effective Guide to Choosing the Right Hybrid Shaft
Here’s an Effective Guide to Choosing the Right Hybrid Shaft

Posted on December 9, 2022

Golf shafts serve many golfers to hit a range of shots on the golf course. Different variables help determine the best hybrid shaft to enhance their golfing experience. The standard golf equipment is not meeting every golfer’s expertise. Hybrids eliminate yardage gaps in the bag with precise knowledge about the distances. 

So, how to determine the best hybrid shaft for golfers? Golfers can portray the optimal factors behind the hybrid shaft design and production. The manufacturers must follow specific guidelines to make the hybrid shafts with the desired specifications.

For this reason, it’s vital to use steel shaft hybrids to get a better shot drive. If you are wondering how to choose the right hybrid shaft, there are some factors to consider:

  • Shaft weight:

The shift driver depends on the length measurements and light-weightedness. The shaft becomes heavy when the clubs get short in the drivers to help determine the release, tempo, and transition through the profile. Generally, hybrid shafts are more severe than drivers but lighter than iron shafts.

Lighter shaft equipment results in poor ball contact. However, if the shafts are too heavy, the golfers might face issues with good shot delivery. For this reason, the steel hybrid shafts are designed with optimum weight to maintain good shaft-ball contact. Therefore, the swing and speed of the drivers depend on the hybrid shaft weight. 

  • Shaft flex:

The steel shaft hybrid flex is softer from the driver to the hybrids. This design helps determine the strength and swing profile to provide good tempo and transitions. However, the increased length makes hybrid shafts stiffer than iron shafts. In contrast, the iron shafts are shorter for golfers and don’t grant them the desired control over their drive and delivery. 

Shaft flex is an essential element for choosing an accurate hybrid. For example- swinging stiff flex in the irons does not make sense to swinging regular flex in hybrids. Almost all hybrid shafts are made from graphite, and only a few golfers play a hybrid club with a steel shaft.

  • Shaft length:

The hybrid shafts are a few inches shorter than shafts on fairway woods which resemble the length of iron. Hybrid clubs have a longer club length than standard irons. Hybrid golf shafts need longer than iron shafts to allow for a longer club length. If the club length is longer, the club could feel ‘loose’ or ‘whippy.’ Many hybrid shafts feature a firm tip section to maintain accuracy at a longer club length.  However, opting for a mid-length hybrid shaft is better because longer shafts result in ball dispersion or lost contact. That’s why it’s better to consider the shaft length while choosing the right hybrid shaft.

Here are some popular hybrid shafts-

  • Aldila NV 85 Green NXT Hybrid Graphite Shafts

It is one of the most popular hybrid shafts, featuring a constant taper design and stable shot. The product incorporates NexGen Micro laminate technology to eliminate unwanted gaps during production. MLT enhances the feeling while delivering the shots and eliminates inconsistency. This hybrid shaft is a lighter option with flex for golfers worldwide. 

  • Aldila NVS 85 Orange NXT Hybrid Shaft

It is one of the popular after-market shafts for the NV Green features and repeated stable shots. The NexGen laminating technology uses twenty layers of ultrathin prepreg to eliminate unwanted gaps. The shaft is appealing to the global audience for the lightweight option and fit for golfers. The tapered design enhances the precise feel and consistency while playing with the aerospace carbon fibers. It promotes higher ball flights with higher spin to maintain playability.

  • UST-Mamiya ProForce V2 Hybrid Shaft

It is one of the tops franchise for golfers with an increasing ball speed and medium launching condition. It uses superior materials to produce consistent golf shafts, and aerospace-quality materials ensure constant taper and flex. 

  • Aldila Ascent UL Hybrid Graphite Shafts

This ultralight hybrid shaft uses FlyDrive technology to integrate high performance. It has the authentic look and performance to deliver high launching angle. The new application of this technology provides high performance in a unique and full-length viscoelastic isolation layer. It improves the overall strength and resistance in thinner-walled designs. The active profile of the shaft gives a high kick to higher balls and maintains the accuracy to penetrate through ball flight. It is suitable for golfers looking to raise the ball flight and high-launch profile. 

Bottom line

Golfers often go for the steel shaft hybrid that provides low torque and good flexibility. The hybrid shaft has enhanced the golfing experience for many golfers by providing them with better control, mobility, and shot delivery. 
If you have been thinking about switching to a hybrid shaft, this guide will help you pick the right shaft. You can visit Monark Golf for more information about the proper selection for the hybrid shaft. They have an extensive network of the latest products at affordable prices for all golfers.