How can the loft of a driver make a difference in your game
How can the loft of a driver make a difference in your game?

Posted on January 14, 2021

A golf player tends to make a difference in their shots and perform better through their driver clubs.

New drivers do make a difference and perform better than the previous models, but depending on the degree of the face angle and loft.

One of the important factors in selecting your next best driver is ensuring you get the right loft. The loft of the driver influences the ball flight’s trajectory in combination with the shaft bend, design, and, among other things.

The discussion on driver loft and how it impacts the ball flight can go much farther than just the numbers on the club. Let’s look at the basis of how the types of lofts can work in influencing the game

Lower Lofts

Typically players with faster swing speeds of about 105mph or more require lower-lofted drivers of 7 to 10 degrees, although this idea can differ on a more complex driver market. Moreover, the various factors that contribute to the ball flight trajectory make it hard to paint a generalized picture of what the right driver loft should be.

Golfers with a negative angle of attack can use make use of a lower-lofted driver to improve distance. Drivers that have a lower and back center of gravity produce more spin and higher ball flights, which require less loft to keep them airborne. However, low-loft drivers aren’t solely designed for low handicap golfer. Players with a positive angle of attack, who produce little spin can still benefit from low-loft drivers to increase total distance.

Higher Lofts

Generally, higher-lofted drivers are designed for average golfers because of the ability to provide slower swing speeds, minimal control of the face angles, and softer course conditions, affecting distance and accuracy. Beginning golfers or players with lower swing speeds below 80mph can play with higher driver lofts of 12 - 14 degrees, to achieve as much distance as possible. 

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