How Does Golf Shaft Weight Affect Playability
How Does Golf Shaft Weight Affect Playability?

Posted on April 25, 2022

A perfect golf performance is an interplay of several factors, and the golf shaft weight plays a key role in all of them. Golf shaft weight is the sole factor that allows the players to make the most out of their performance. Read on to know the importance of golf shafts driver and how it affects your playability.

The Importance Of Golf Shaft Weight 

Many manufacturers agree with the statement that golf shaft weight plays a crucial role in playability. Even if you are good at flex, kick point, bend profile, and torque, the wrong shaft weight may ruin your performance. 

According to the principle of Physics, a lighter golf shaft has a faster swing than the heavier ones. However, it is far from the ground reality. In most cases, the speed decreases when the golf shaft weight is lightweight.

Its weight can be classified as follows:

  • Lightweight: less than 90 grams
  • Mid-weight: between 90 grams to 110 grams
  • Heavy-weight: above 110 grams

What Role Does Shaft Fitting Play?

The lighter weight shaft is for slow swingers, whereas the heavier ones are for fast swingers. Also, heavier shafts are meant for gaining better control over the swings. On the other hand, lighter shafts aid in long-distance swings. 

However, the performance and the appropriate shaft weight depend on the players' unique needs and strengths. Club fittings are the best to know the appropriate shaft weight.

A change in a few grams of shaft weight can entirely affect your performance. Some golfers are more tolerable of the changes in the shaft weight, while others hardly notice the difference. A professional golf club sales will recommend appropriate shaft fitting based on your accuracy, spin, and ball speed.

How Do I Find The Right Shaft Weight?

By now, you know how crucial It is to choose the right golf shaft weight for yourself. Here are a few signs that will help you identify if you are using the wrong golf shaft weight.

  • Poor distance swings
  • Laboured swings
  • Low ball speed
  • Inconsistent dispersion
  • Difficulty in making contact

Often, the golfers do not even realize that they are using the wrong shaft weight and keep wondering why their shots are inconsistent and inaccurate. It is, therefore, important to be attentive to the shaft weight. 

To know which suits you the best, you can try playing with all three types of shaft weights and then choose the appropriate one.

In conclusion

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