How long should your Golf Club be?
How long should your Golf Club be?

Posted on January 10, 2022

When assessing a golfer's club specified requirements, expert club fitters consider a variety of things for this. They'll look at a number of static parameters as well as a dynamic fitting assessment when it comes to club length.

The Overall Height

The very first step in evaluating your ideal club length is to determine your overall height. It is the simplest approach to determining the right club length. But this does not provide enough knowledge to make an accurate determination on its own. A player's overall height is employed in the standard club fitting method. But only as a part of the entire procedure of fitting a golfer for golf club length.

Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

The wrist-to-floor distance is a very popular and widely used metric for assessing a proper golf club shafts length. Its widespread application in club fitting is due to the fact that it provides an added layer to the measurements, improving its precision.

The wrist-to-floor measurement, as opposed to the less detailed way of just measuring somebody's overall height. Includes an overview of additional aspects that can affect a club length estimate, such as the length of the golfer's hands or the height of their leg. Because of the differences in the arm or leg lengths, two people with the same height can still have completely different wrist-to-floor measurements. As a result, this measurement is crucial to the fitting process, as it ensures that you are appropriately matched for club length.

Stand on a hard surface with both your hands vertically down at your sides while measuring your wrist-to-floor distance. Wear common street shoes or sneakers so that wearing heeled shoes has no influence on your measurements.

Take readings (in inches) from the ground to the creases in your wrist while standing in this posture. This may require some assistance. Also, it's a little cumbersome to do it alone, and you don't want to risk perfection.

Now, you may use the chart to figure out what modifications from the standard you will require when purchasing new clubs.

In-Swing Considerations (Dynamic Fitting)

Trained club fitters frequently enhance the above-mentioned static measurements by adding a "dynamic" component into their golf club fitting procedures. A golfer will be tested throughout their real swing action in a dynamic club fitting. Having measurements recorded at impact and ball flight observed.

The fitter can see, by watching the golfer hitting the ball, whether the golfer has any stance-related concerns or motions in their swing that might lead him to change his shaft length measurement. For instance, a golfer's setup may cause him to bend slightly at the waist. Which goes over to his impact position. This golfer may require Custom Golf clubs that are smaller than the length determined after the static measurements if he swings in this manner.


You may definitely carry out the above-mentioned static and dynamic methods on your own as a player. Simply trying to determine what your correct club length should really be. You may easily evaluate your total height and wrist-to-floor distance at home, and then use the table provided to identify the proper club length.