How Much Does it Cost to Build a Set of Golf Clubs at Home?
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Set of Golf Clubs at Home?

Posted on August 1, 2022

Golf is a great sport but it can be quite expensive for many. It can cost thousands of dollars to buy and set up your clubs. This high barrier of cost is one of the main reasons that puts off many people from enjoying the game they love.

Will you be glad to know you can make clubs at home that fit you perfectly and would probably cost far less than buying them off the rack?

Yes, it's possible to make your own clubs!

Given that custom-fit irons and quality drivers are accessible with just a  couple of clicks, the idea of building your own golf clubs seems to be attainable. You can buy club parts, tools and build club sets for less than $800.

Basic club making is quite straightforward. Several guides and tips on sites like Monark Golf on how to remove and attach shaft on club head, how to fit your clubs, how to properly re-grip your clubs, and on other relevant topics are provided. However, attention to detail is crucial. Making any mistakes, you may need to start all over again. 

To start building a club set at home, you’ll need to gather several pieces of club heads, shafts, and grips. Monark Golf online blog resources will tell you which type of grips, shafts, and irons are best for you and get them at a decent price. The key is to look for "game improvement" clubs. A basic home workshop will also need tools such as utility knife, sandpaper, and hacksaw. You might also want to get other tools like swing weight scales, digital-frequency analyzers, and moment-of-inertia monitors.

Building decent clubs under $800

When building your own clubs at home, it’s important that you set your budget first and then look for club pieces that fit your budget. Below we have outlined a few options for you to consider when building your set of clubs for under $800.



Heater B-7 Titanium Driver Head

Aero-Shape, club face for more distance and forgiveness. 


Custom-Built King X750 Cup Face Titanium Driver

The expanded front-to-back dimension increases stability at impact and forgiveness 


Custom-Built Heater F-35 Cup Face Offset Black Titanium Driver

Cup Face Design enlarges the sweet spot



Custom-Built Heater B-6 Iron Set

Great stability at impact and forgiveness


King AI-Series Iron Heads

Weight notch design, deep undercut cavity for more forgiveness

Fairway Woods


Custom-Built Heater B-6 Fairway Wood

Aerodynamic head profile with  recessed Recoil Pocket


Custom-Built ERG Golf X1 DAT55G Cup Face Titanium Fairway Wood

Incorporated with ERG's innovative Weight Balance Design System



Heater B-7 Wedge Heads

Proven shape and bounce design


Custom-Built X-Force P888 Irons/Wedges

Oversized head profile for increased MOI and stability



Custom-Built T7 Twin Engine Black Mallet Putter

An enlarged mallet profile promotes a high MOI


Custom-Built Heater 5.0 White Mallet Putter

Black alignment lines allow easy face-ball-target alignment
You can check out other parts at Monarkgolf and get them at a great price to build your own set of clubs.