How to achieve better distance from your drivers- fitting in the right parts
How to achieve better distance from your drivers- fitting in the right parts

Posted on August 26, 2019

With the advance of golf technology, more options are made available when it comes to buying Golf Equipment. There are several top brands around the globe, each known for their own unique products. While you find the perfect drivers from one brand, you might find just the right putter from another brand. That is why MonarkGolf is here to provide the customer with quality golf equipment only from the best brands. In this blog, we shall specifically discuss drivers. Generally, a driver is fitted with a sizable metalhead, making it capable to hit the ball to a far distance. Hence, most golfers use drivers for long-distance shots.

Using driver head to your advantage totally depend on the loft, in part, clubhead, and shaft of your driver. So how do you know your driver is fitted with the right parts? This typically depends on your technique and to which golfer group you belong to. To make it clear for you and help you get the best out of your driver, we are sharing some driver tips from professional golfers below. We believe this little piece of advice will help you get hold of the right driver and that you are able to achieve just the right distance from it.

Generally, all drivers are made to have a larger head and bigger sweet spot, but are made using different materials- steel, titanium, or composite.

While steel-made Driver Heads are consistent and cheaper, they have smaller sweet spot making it difficult to hit. On the other hand, titanium-made driver heads may cost more, but they are larger, have a bigger sweet spot and are more forgiving. The composite-made driver heads are quite similar to that of titanium-made driver heads. The I-Drive MD Titanium Driver Head RH is a perfect choice if you are looking for a titanium-made driver. It is made using advanced M.O.I. square technology to increase consistency and distance. You can smoothly go for straighter and longer shots even on off-center shots

The loft of the driver plays an important role in deciding how high and far the ball is to travel. That is why it is important to find a driver with a loft that increases the ball flight and ground roll. The higher the loft degree the lesser chance for sidespin.

The I-Drive MD Titanium Driver Head RH is a great driver both for low and high handicap golfers. Its loft ranges from 9.5° to 14°. It is designed to lower the spin rate, increase stability and produce a higher launch angle.

I-Drive MD Titanium Driver Head RH

The shaft of the drivers is another key component. It helps position the driver perfectly in contact with the golf ball. The most common shaft options are steel shaft and graphite shaft.

The steel shaft is easier to control than any other shaft type. However, since it weigh more it may reduce the swing speed and produce a feebler power during the shot. The graphite shafts are mostly used on drivers. This is because the shafts that are lightweight are seen to increase the speed of the driver and help it cover more distance.

Shafts also come in various lengths. The best way to find the perfect shaft height that fits your swing style is to borrow some various lengths and experiment them with your style and height. Just a quick tip, a longer shaft can give more speed but lesser control.

Whatever driver you choose, employing these tips while using your driver can help improve your game. If you are trying out new golf tricks, kindly let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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