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How to Choose Golf Shafts?

Posted on May 24, 2017

There are certain people who spend so much money on the finest golf clubs, but there might be confusion on selecting the right shaft. But when you use the right shafts, you can add some 20 to 25 yards to your game and improve accuracy as well. Shafts are actually the engines of golf clubs and selecting the right ones are as important as the club head selection.

Try which works best

Gone are the days where people used to think that recreational golfers should use graphite, while better players should uses steel golf shafts. But this is not true anymore. Including Tiger Woods, many have made their transition to graphite shafts, because it allows you to increase the swing speed. But before you make the choice, try which one works best for you.

Think About Durability

Earlier steel golf shafts were considered more durable. Now, the concept has changed a lot. Quality graphite shafts also will last longer as they are not chipped cracked or the laminate-seal is not peeling. Steel shafts have higher durability since they are not bent, rusted or pitted. For eg, the graphite shafts and steel golf shafts made by Aldila have much more durability compared to their competitors.

Difference Lie in Weight

The biggest difference between graphite and steel shafts are their weight. Graphite shafts are lighter that steel ones. Normally, graphite shaft is the best option by all clubs. The clubs that have graphite shafts will be lighter than other identical clubs that have steel shafts.

How to choose the right shafts?

Keep the below things in mind before selecting the shafts

  • If you want more yards, you should choose graphite shafts. No it is not necessary. Steel shafts also have a great presence in Golf, especially among low-handicappers and scratch players.
  • If you wish to get more control over the club head during the swing, you should opt for steel gold shafts.

Hence, at the end of the day, if distance is the primary goal, they should be fit with graphite shafts to match the swing. But if distance is not so much important, then they should opt for steel golf shafts.

Ever since the Major Championship on the PGA tour in 2007, Aldila wood and hybrid shafts have become popular.  Aldila Golf Shafts is also the leading shaft found among drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs.  They incorporate NexGen Micro Laminate Technology, where thinner high performance carbon fibres are combined with advance fibre resin technology.

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