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How to Choose Your Ideal Golf Grip

Posted on January 25, 2018

The golf grip of each individual golfer is different. But it is an integral part of the game as it determines your swing and the shots you can play. The technique is to improve your grip.

We have accordingly described below, important factors determining the ideal golf grips and suggestions for improving your grip.

Knowing the Size of your Grip

This is an exceedingly important, as there are four types of sizes, with each having a different impact. The sizes include “oversize”, “midsize”, “undersize”, and “standard”. The tape is used if necessary, to add more layers at the time the grip is fitted. A player can lose strokes in each round of a game if the grip is not fitted properly. Extra hand action and pulling of the ball results from a grip that is too small. Limited wrist action, a stifled shot, and pushing of the ball are caused by a grip that is too large.

Choosing the Correct Material for your Grip

Grips are made of different materials including rubber, synthetic rubber, “thermo-plastic” and may include a “Cord weave”. The right choice depends on the individual player and the weather conditions they play in. For instance, a “Cord weave” grip would be preferable for those playing in places of high humidity and wet conditions.

Selecting the Exact Texture for the Surface of your Grip

This texture is either smooth or coarse depending on the design. Traction, a secure grip and grip confidence are key. Accordingly, you might prefer a smooth texture if you wear gloves or coarse texture if you do not.

Knowing the Firmness of your Grip

Firmer grips allow you to control the torsion better. They are suitable for players with a higher swing speed. Other grips such as “comfort grips” are appropriate for players with a lower swing speed.

Determining the Weather Conditions you Mostly Play In

This is vital for golfers who play in areas of high humidity and wet weather. “Cord weave” grips with a coarse-textured surface are a preferred option, as the player can grip properly. The other suggestion is selecting a heavily patterned and textured surface as the surface the grip.

Ways to Improve Upon your Grip

  • Applying the correct quantity of pressure and applying it in the correct manner.
  • Providing the firmest grip with the last three fingers of the left hand.
  • Performing maximum amount of work with only the middle two fingers of the right hand.
  • Trying to reach the optimum grip pressure by firming it only to the extent required to control the club.

Through these suggestions and different grips available including Golf Pride Grips and Lamkin Golf Grips, you can achieve your grip.

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