How to install golf pride Grips
How to Install Golf Pride Grips

Posted on October 30, 2020

Time to re-grip your clubs? There are different ways to install your new golf pride grip on your club. You can go to the nearest local golf retailer or qualified club fitter to have your golf pride grip put in your clubs. If not, you can choose to re-grip your clubs by yourself.

You can re-grip golf clubs in a simple and straightforward method. It is possible to install golf pride golf grips in a matter of minutes. Follow the following steps to re-grip your golf clubs.

Remove old grip

First clamp the shaft close the lower end of your grip, take a utility knife, and cut open the old grip. Take extra care not to cut yourself. Once you have cut through the end of the grip, simply peel away the old grip from the shaft.

Remove Tape

The next step is to remove the old tape around the shaft. A little patience is required here, as this is going to take some time. Take your utility knife and scrape off all the old tape. If it’s a steel shaft you don’t have to worry much about reaching the blade through the steel shafts. However, if it’s a graphite shaft, you want to take extra care while scraping off the old tape with the knife.

If you don’t want to take the trouble of using your knife, you can use a heat gun to warm the old tape. This will make it easier for you to peel off the tapes with your hand.

Apply the New Tape

Once the old tapes are all clear up, it’s time to apply a new tape. The key here is not to apply the tape below the end of the actual grip. To ensure this, you can just hold your shaft and grip together and place your thumb on the shaft at where you want the tape to end. The easiest way you can do is use a measuring tape to get an exact measurement.

Apply solvent

First freely apply solvent on the grip tape on your shaft. Using a spray bottle, spray the solvent right and left side of tape and the butt end of shaft.

Then pour some solvent into the new grip, to make installation easier and smoother

Slide grip into place

Take the grip and put it over the shaft while the tape is still slippery. Pull the grip down over the end of the shaft. Ensure that the shaft end reaches the very end of the grip. Fine-tune the alignment so that the grip and the clubface are angled correctly. Leave the new grip to dry for a few hours.

In all cases, it is also good to clean your golf pride golf grips on a regular basis. This will ensure the durability and longevity of your grips. If it’s time to change your golf grips, don’t forget to visit Monark Golf to get yourself high-quality golf grips for your clubs.