How to Install Golf Shaft Extenders in Steel and Graphite Shafts
How to Install Golf Shaft Extenders in Steel and Graphite Shafts

Posted on September 25, 2022

Many golfers consider making their shaft longer to enjoy more flexibility and perhaps increase the chance to hit more distance. Maybe you’re looking to try out new skills with a longer shaft or found a great set of graphite clubs at a used golf club store, but you don’t want to spend on buying a new shaft. You can lengthen your shafts by adding extenders to your existing shafts.

While there are many ways to install golf shaft extenders, below is a simple guide to help you complete your project properly.

Tools and Supplies

First, let's talk about the tools and supplies you will need to install golf extenders in steel golf shafts and graphite shafts.  

For tools, you’ll need a pipe cutter, a box cutter, a torch, a wire brush, a file, and a ruler. For the supplies, you need new grips, grip tape, solvent, extensions, and extension adhesive or epoxy. You may also want to have some rags and mineral spirits around to clean up as you go.

Because golf shafts come in different sizes, when you buy your extensions make sure you get the proper size, which will fit right with your steel or graphite shafts. 

Remove the grip

After you have set up your tools and supplies, you can go forward to the next step, i.e. removing the grip. Take a hook blade and make two cuts down either side of the grip to remove it.

Once you remove the grip, you’ll be left with the old grip tape. You could use a razor and pick off the grip tape or use a torch to heat the adhesive of the tape and then peel it off. After you get the grip tape off, take a rag, add some mineral spirit and clean up the shaft. 

Attaching the extension

Once the grip is off and your shaft is nice and clean, it’s time to take out your extension and test the fit. Make sure the extension fits perfectly with your shaft before you move on with the next step. 

Next, you want to do a little prep on your extension and shaft, before you start adding the epoxy and gluing them. Take a file and rough out the end surface of the extension where you’ll be adding the epoxy. Take a wire brush and brush the inside of the shaft, where you’ll connect the extension. This will clean up the shaft as well as roughen out the surface and give the epoxy something to grab onto.

Next, prepare your epoxy and apply it to the extension and the inside of the shaft. Carefully install the extension onto the shaft and wait for the epoxy to dry before you install a new grip.

Once the epoxy gets dry and sturdy and your shaft and extension are set together, you can install a new grip and get ready to play.
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