How to remove a golf grip
How to Remove a Golf Grip without Damaging It

Posted on December 1, 2021

When you have found your preferred golf grips and they are especially quality grips, you may want to learn how to preserve them for a long time. Sometimes quality golf grips might outlast your golf shaft.

So, if you find the need to change the golf shaft but the grip is good as new, you might wonder how to remove golf grips without damaging them.

There are several ways of removing golf grips without damaging them so they can be reused.

Removing Golf Grips With Golf Grip Remover Tool

golf grip remover tool

One way is to use a golf grip remover tool available in the market. You can also find it at Monark Golf online store at

The golf grip remover tool is affordable and easy to use for removing golf grips.

Here’s how you can do it: Stand your club upright on the grip. Take the tool and carefully insert it under the lip of the golf grip. Squeeze some solvent into the gap between the shaft and grip. Continue to gently work it under the whole material by twisting the tool along with the grip wrapping. Don’t push down too hard on the tool as you could tear the grip.

Keep putting the solvent in the space created. The solvent will help dissolve the adhesive and make it easier for the grip to slide off. Work the tool and solvent around until the grip feels free to pop out. Take out the tool and twist your club in the same direction as the grip wrapping until the grip gets off.

Removing Golf Grips With Needle Solvent Injection

Using needle solvent injection is one method of removing golf grips with probably a little risk of damaging the grip. This can be done in several different ways.

If you want to do it easily and most effectively, you can invest in a pressurized golf grip remover. This tool will allow you to poke the needle tip through the space between the grip and the shaft and then easily inject the solvent. That way you can properly spread the solvent across different spots, ensuring the solvent works throughout the adhesive of the grip tape. Once the grip tape is wet thoroughly, you can easily slide off the grip from the shaft.

If you don’t want to invest in pressurized golf grip remover, you can still apply this method by using a syringe or a needle as an alternative. You can easily find them in the local pharmacy. While you can still be able to remove your grip by using these tools, it is important to remember that they might not be as effective. This is because, without the pressurized golf grip remover, it will be hard to spread the solvent thoroughly due to the lack of pressure.

If you are wondering how to remove golf grips without damaging them, this method is usually one of the best ways to try. Just remember to be very careful when injecting the solvent. Strictly avoid injecting solvent into the foam of your grip, as the grip will turn mushy and will no longer be usable.

Making grip last longer

After successfully removing golf grips, it is important that you clean and store them properly if you are looking forward to using them again. Grips that are not cleaned and stored properly will begin to wear down and lose their tackiness. So, remove any dirt and residue on your grip before you store them or use it to re-grip your club. The next time you think of preserving your golf grips to reuse them, remember to try out the above method. Hopefully, you are able to remove your golf grips successfully. If you are simply looking for new golf grips, visit. Monark Golf has all of your golf needs. From golf clubs to equipment, you can find it all.