How To Remove Graphite Shaft From Driver Head
How To Remove Graphite Shaft From Driver Head

Posted on July 29, 2022

Getting a graphite shaft can be quite an expensive investment for many. It can cost you several hundred dollars for a single set, especially for those high-quality graphite shafts. When you are considering re-fitting your clubs, you may want to save your graphite shafts so you can use them again and save some money. 

Removing a graphite shaft from the driver head using the conventional twist and pull method that is used for removing a steel shaft can ruin your iron graphite shafts. This method can tear out the fibers in the shaft and make it unusable. Knowing the proper technique is important. Here are key steps to remember when removing a graphite shaft from a driver head. 

Removing the hosel using heat

The first thing you need to do is to remove the hosel. For this apply heat on the back of the hosel only for 15-20 seconds. You can also do this by rotating the hosel in the flame. If the head is of carbon or stainless steel, a small amount of heat can quickly loosen the bond of the hosel. However, if the bond remains sturdy, you can reheat the hosel for a couple of seconds more.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERHEAT THE HOSEL!  You don’t want the heat to reach into the graphite and burn the shaft. 

Remember you need to be patient in this step. You may need to repeat the step as many as 2- 4 times or even more till you successfully remove the graphite shaft from the driver head. 

Pulling out the Graphite Shaft

When the bond on the hosel gets loose, it's time to pull out the shaft. Graphite shafts usually require some force and caution when removing them from the clubheads.

It’s imperative to remember that you remove the driver head by pulling it straight off of your graphite shaft. Avoid twisting and pulling the clubhead as this will cause a shaft tip failure. 

Once the graphite shaft is removed, take a cloth or paper towel and clean the area where it was located. Make sure to store your driver in a dry, safe place after removing it from the shaft.

Analyze before using any method of heating

Before you start heating the hosel, take a look at what type of polish finish it has. If it is given a satin or high polish finish, then you should have no issue using a heat gun or propane torch.

However, if it’s tumbled or painted with a urethane coating, make sure to protect the head by covering it with a cloth or other protective layer. The heat can cause the head to discolor. 

Get Professional help

If you find it difficult to remove your graphite shaft from the driver head, it is always best to take your club to a professional for repair or re-fitting.
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