How To Shop For A Good Shaft For Your Golf Game

Posted on November 21, 2018

Shaft determines a lot of things in golf. From fetching you more distance to giving you more control on the golf club, there are a lot of things that a shaft can help you steer. There are many varieties of shafts in the market. Which one would be your best match and which one should you take for your purpose, read on to know. Shafts are no inexpensive replacement. You would need to have a good budget to replace it or modify it. But you can always come to Monark Golf and get the best brand of shafts at discounted prices. They are having Project-X Shaft on sale- 91% off ! Wouldn’t you want to partake in the big sale? Visit our websites to grab the best deals faster than others today. Don’t miss out on the sale of the season! Here are the things you need to know about shafts that would help you buy a better one: Shaft Flex Shaft flex affects the distance and direction of the golf club. One chooses a shaft flex according to their swinging speed. The faster your swing speed, the lesser the flex you need and vice versa. Flex also determines bend of the golf club. So the lesser the bend, more the control you have on your golf club. It ranges from:  
  • Extra Stiff (XS)
  • Stiff (S)
  • Firm (F)
  • Regular (R)
  • Senior (S)
  • Amateur(A)
Ladies(L) It is better for beginners to go with more flex because they may have a lesser powerful swing. Also, stiffer shafts will produce more vibration when stuck with a golf ball. You can find Project-X shaft on sale- 91% off at Monark Golf. Height of ball flight We need to consider the flight of the ball that a player prefers (high, mid or low). The more flexible the shaft, the higher the ball flight. The stiffer the shaft, the lower the ball flight. Also, bend point is inverse to the ball flight.
  • Higher bend point = lower flight
  • Lower bend point = higher flight
Types of shaft Stepped Steel Shaft vs Rifle Steel Stepped steel shafts have gradually reduced the diameter by the end of the golf stick or you can say hosel of the clubhead. This can be rolled back and mechanically drawn until you get the right diameter for your play and then this will be hardened and straightened for use. Rifle steel is straight all the way. This gives more consistency and power when hitting the ball unlike in stepped steel which divides the energy due to the steps. Graphite Graphite shafts are mostly expensive and non-durable. But they are lighter and provide more flexibility and lesser vibration. Multimaterial shafts These are made from both steel and graphite to get the best of both the materials. These are the things that you need to consider while choosing the best shaft for your golf set. You can buy Project-X Shafts on sale - 91% off at Monark Golf. Visit their website at to get your hands on their massive sale and offers.

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