How To Store Your Golf Clubs To Cherish Them For Longer

Posted on September 6, 2018

  When we invest in something, we would want to use them for longer. The same goes for our swanky golf clubs. When we do invest in good ones, we want them to use them for longer. After all, golf clubs are expensive too. And even when we get it for cheap, it doesn’t mean we would bang it till we bang it in two pieces. There are ways on how you can preserve your golf sticks for long. Some maintenance and forethought would help you. But if you have no idea on how to do it then we are here to guide you. It is not as difficult as you thought it would be. All you need to do is save it from cracks, deep scratches, and breakage.   Sometimes, a small repair or customization will make it as good as new. But when your tool is beyond repair, it is a good idea to buy a new one. Monark Golf has the best golf clubs for every pocket. Each of their golf clubs passes through international standards to be fit for sale. You can visit our website to buy the Best Hybrids Golf and more. Here are the ways on how you can store your golf clubs effectively:  
  1. Long-term storage and day to day golf storage
  Some people would want to take out their golf clubs when it is season or whenever they feel like. And some would want to play it every day. One thing is common – you need to store it in a cool and dry place. Do not store it in your trunks or carelessly throw it anywhere. Heat and humidity are not good for your golf clubs.    
  1. Don’t leave them wet
  Quite literally. When you play on the golf course and for some reason it gets wet, just wipe it dry. Do not store them when they are wet so as to not risk it to rust. Rusting will surely erode away the quality of your golf clubs. Always wipe it dry before you put it back in your golf bag.    
  1. Take a rag cloth with you
  This way you can wipe it clean whenever you want. Whenever debris and moisture cling to your clubs, you can wipe them clean and store it. You can attach it to your golf bag and never forget to take it with you! It is a smart move for any golfer dealing with dirt, debris, and moisture.    
  1. Clean grips for cleaner shots
  You should also take a look at grips and give it a swipe clean. They also take dust, grime, sweat from your palms while you grip them hard for your shot.  Grips have to be replaced with time. Delay it with proper care and save money.  
  1. Look for wear and tears regularly
  It can happen anywhere on your golf stick. You can look for wear, tear, and cracks on your grips. If you witness scratches on your clubs and possible cracks, then get it repaired soon. Monark Golf has in-house professionals who will look into the matter and customize it your way. You can buy from the best hybrids golf to the best fairways, irons, and woods at    
  1. When playing in debris and dirt filled ground, swipe it clean
When debris and dirt come in contact with impact from the shot, it makes them vulnerable to scratches. So it is imperative that you always swipe it clean from debris and dirt so as to not cause any scratch or damage to your golf clubs. Similarly, look after your shafts. If there are any nicks, splits or dents, it is better to replace them with a new one.
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Take a rag cloth, some warm soapy water, and swipe them all clean. Then dry them off before you store them. It is better to store them in a temperature controlled environment rather than in the garage or your car trunks. But when your golf clubs have served you enough, then it is a wise decision to replace them with new ones. Get the best of the best golf clubs at Monark Golf. They have an on-going sale on many golf equipment. From the best hybrids golf to irons, there are many golf equipment you can buy. They have international quality clubs to fit every budget. Visit to get your hands on the best golf sticks before they get sold out. Make a wise choice today and improve your game.    

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