Huge Sale on Aldila Shafts – Save Now!

Posted on March 29, 2015

We just recently secured a batch of original Aldila shafts straight from Aldila. We are offering now these premium shafts to our customers at super low prices: Aldila 65 OEM Graphite Shaft - only $11.95 Aldila manufactured this shaft for a major brand name club manufacturer. The untaken shafts were later painted by Aldila with generic Aldila 65 graphics. The shaft features a responsive tip section promoting a higher ball trajectory. A higher launch angle is designed for  golfers with average swing speed seeking increased distance. The Aldila 65 is a high trajectory, low torque and lightweight graphite shaft designed for a wide array of golfers. Available in 46" raw length (0.335" tip and 0.350" tip) as well as 44" length (0.335" tip) in different flex options. Aldila A-Proto Driver Shaft - only $12.95 The Aldila A-Proto has the same specifications as the VS Proto By You shaft, just with toned-down graphics, designed as a price pointed alternative for clubmakers. The VS Proto is the result of 2 years of research & development. It features Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) plus Carbon Nano-Tubes. Carbon nanotubes, combined with Aldila's A65 Performance Resin System and advanced ultra-high modulus graphite fibers help generate unparalleled performance and feel. Aldila DVS 75 Wood Shaft - only $14.95 The DVS features an innovative, new responsive tip design for extra kick at impact with an optimum launch. A half-flex stiffer in the butt than the VS Proto, the DVS is softer in the tip, giving extra kick and launch with a very firm, stable feel. Stabilized with a unique flex profile and very torque - distance is optimized. Aldila's revolutionary Micro Laminate Technology enhanced with carbon nano-tubes, providing for the perfect feel. Reinforced with innovative ZYVEX nanotubes carbon materials. The mid bend point design combined with a softer tip promotes a high ball flight. The 45" long fairway wood shaft is a versatile high performance shaft to build drivers and fairway woods. Aldila Gamer Shafts - starting at $8.95 The Gamer shafts are designed with adequate parallel sections in the both shaft tip and butt to accomodate a wide range of tip and butt trimming options, with maintaining hosel fit and grip size. The 44" long fairway wood shaft is a versatile performance shaft also designed for hybrid clubs with 0.335" hosel bore diameter. The 42" long hybrid shaft is a versatile performance shaft also designed for hybrid clubs with 0.370" hosel bore diameter. Aldila shafts on Sale: