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Information on Custom Golf Putters and Driver Shafts

Posted on December 29, 2017

Golf Putters are special golf clubs that are used mainly for hitting the golf ball from any point on the putting green to the hole. They also assist players in lifting the golf ball from any indentation it has made. They are used for shots where the aim is to roll the ball over the grass. Relatively short low-speed strokes are hit with the Putter.

This is different from other clubs due to its characteristic club head that has a very flat, low-profile and low-loft striking face. Certain features only allowed for Putters, also make the club distinctive. These include bent shafts, non-circular grips and positional guides.

The Driver

The Driver is also known as Wood 1. In a modern golf club set, usually consisting of three Woods, the first golf club is referred to as the Driver. It is characterized as having the lowest loft among all the golf clubs. Loft meaning the angle of the clubface, which controls the trajectory and affects the distance. The loft for Drivers varies from seven to twelve degrees.

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The Driver Shaft

The Shaft is the tapered tube of the golf club. It is made of either metal that is usually steel or the carbon fiber composite graphite. They differ in diameter, length and weight. They, very importantly, determine the distance a player is able to hit the golf ball. Eighty percent of a golf club considered is therefore as the Shaft as it improves the distance by as much as twenty yards.

Like all other golf clubs, the option is available to players to have the Driver custom made and a steel or graphite Driver Shaft based on preference.

Custom Golf Putters and Custom Driver Shafts

The advantage of Custom Golf Putters is that they help players to adapt their strokes. This ensures that the strokes consistently improve. A variety of Custom Golf Putters can be availed of including traditional Blade Putters and new Mallet Putters that come with alignment system and perimeter weighting to improve stability. Most importantly, they improve the game of any player by reducing the score.

Regarding Custom Driver Shafts, graphite is strongly recommended for Woods, in case of the average player and especially women and senior players. The reasons include reduction of club weight and shock impact as well as the allowance for longer clubs and greater construction alternatives that affect the flight of the golf ball.

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