Integra Sooolong Woods now #17, #19 and #21!

Posted on August 28, 2014

Integra Sooolong Fairway Woods are available now in #17 (40º), #19 (45º) and #21 (50º). Replace your mid and even short irons with easier to hit fairway woods. Many golfers have more of a 'wood' swing than an iron swing. They tend to swing on a flatter plane and are more of a sweeper. Better players are swinging with more of an upright backswing and a descending blow. If you struggle with your irons, you maybe in the first category and these high lofted woods may help you to improve your mid to short iron play. For players with slower swing speed, woods can be easier to hit than irons. Due to the hollow construction, weight is moved to the perimeters, perimeter weight distribution improves stability and increases forgiveness on off-center hits. The shallow face of fairway woods moves more weight below the equator of a golf ball promoting a higher ball trajectory for more distance at less efforts. #5 Wood: 20º = approx. #3 Iron #7 Wood: 24º = approx. #4 Iron #9 Wood: 27º = approx. #5 Iron #11 Wood: 30º = approx. #6 Iron #13 Wood: 33º = approx. #7 Iron #15 Wood: 36º = approx. #8 Iron #17 Wood: 40º = approx. #9 Iron #19 Wood: 45º = approx. #PW #21 Wood: 50º = approx. #AW Integra Sooolong Fairway wood heads: click here Custom Built Integra Sooolong Fairway Woods: click here