Introducing: New KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype Graphite Shaft

Posted on May 8, 2017

The new KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype is the first graphite shaft KBS Golf ever produced. KBS is known for designing and manufacturing some of the best steel shafts on the market. The company's head of research and development, Kim Braly, wanted the Tour Graphite Hybrid shaft to feel like an extension of the classic and innovative KBS Tour steel shaft.  KBS will be the first shaft brand to create a seamless performance transition from your graphite hybrid shafts to your KBS iron and wedge shafts.

  • The KBS Graphite Hybrid shafts were inspired and designed from the KBS Tour Series steel shafts, allowing a seamless transition from irons to hybrids while achieving maximum stability and unmatched consistency. Mid launch / mid spin.
  • Engineered specifically for players seeking a shaft that will achieve optimal dispersion and the ease of swinging an iron shaft. The Tour Graphite Hybrid is designed specifically for players that are looking for a hybrid shaft that will maintain light dispersion, all while having the feel, consistency, and ease of swinging an iron shaft.
  • KBS Golf Shafts ultimate goal is to make that the transition from KBS irons and KBS wedge shafts to the new Tour Graphite Hybrid seamless. To ease the transition, the Tour Graphite Hybrid also offers stability through the hitting area for consistency and performance. The shaft has undergone extensive testing both behind-the-scenes in research and development, and on Tour where it has begun to gain popularity.
  • Feel: Players using hybrids as fairway wood replacements are more likely to get along better with the lighter 75g KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shaft.  The heavier weights are going to feel more familiar for standard iron replacements.  Both shafts have that signature KBS smoothness and stability in the flex profile, and much more feedback than their steel counterparts.
  • Performance: Both the 75 gram and 95 gram version will give you identical club and ball speeds when comparing two clubs.  As you can see, I had the same speeds, but different flights and results. The 75 gram shaft gives you a higher smash factor, more trajectory but also more spin. The 95 gram offers a lower launch angle, less spin, and greater distance. Important is to find out what are you looking for your hybrid shall do for and getting properly fitted by a professional club fitter.
  • The KBS Tour Graphite Shaft is available in 65g (R, S, X), 75g (R, S, X), 85g (R, R+, S, S+, X), and 95g (S, S+, X), and it features a black matte finish and the classic KBS Red Label that KBS is known for on the Tour. The range of weights and flexes offered in the graphite Tour Hybrid should provide plenty of options for everyone.

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