Introducing the New Flat Cat Square Putter Grip

Posted on May 12, 2017

Did you know that you will miss the putt from 5 feet if your putter grip is open just 2 degrees? The innovative Flat Cat putter grip is not only flat but the wider side of the grip is parallel towards the target. The wider side enables you to square your hands, square your shoulders and square your putter towards to the intended target line. The new Flat Cat grip puts the feeling of "Square" in the palm of your hands and ensures that your putter face is square to your intended target line. The key for making good putts is that your putter face is square to your intended target line. Each side of the FLAT CAT grip is in a parallel plane with the putter face, allowing every golfer to establish a personal feel with the face of their putter no matter what their putting style – traditional, left-hand low, saw, claw and more. Made from a lightweight polyurethane compound to deliver a softer, more comfortable feel. Comfortable and lighter-traction surface pattern provides the ideal putter grip texture density. The new Flat Cat putter grip is coming in 5 sizes ranging from Slim 1.09" wide to Big Boy 1.68" wide to fit any golfer.

The latest Flat Cat Solution features the same flat square profile but with a counter-weighted design. The innovative stainless steel weighted cone is strategically positioned directly below your hands. The weight cone creates the feeling of a heavier putter head without losing any feel in your stroke. The weighted Flat Cat Solution promotes a smoother, more consistent pendulum-like stroke out of your shoulders and reduces wrist activity. Good players let their putter head to swing freely, they don't force the putter back and through. Golfers who struggle with their stroke on the greens try to control and manipulate the putter head. However adding weight to the putter head makes it more difficult to consistently control distance. The weighted technology of the Flat Cat Solution is positioned directly below your hands and allows your putter to feel heavier and more stable without adding weight to the head.

The new Flat Cat grips are online available here: https://www.monarkgolf.com/golf-components/grips/golf-grips/lamkin-flat-cat-putter-grips.html

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