Mondeo 811 Hi-Elastic Iron Heads
Just Arrived: Mondeo 811 Hollow Core Iron with Maraging Insert Face

Posted on September 2, 2019

The new Mondeo 811 is a hollow body, multi-material, two-piece construction.

  • Insert Face: The thin face is made from heat treated, high strength 450 Maraging Steel to offer a higher COR.
    The face is only 2.0 to 2.1 mm thin, the unsupported, thin face increases face flexing. The thinner face increases ball speed and improves weight distribution for a low and deep Center of Gravity.
    Maraging steel is a low-carbon steel alloy with a higher nickel content undergoing extended time of heat treatment. Maraging steel is an ultra-high-strength steel class deriving it's strength from precipitation of intermetallic compounds
  • Hollow Body: Similar like a metal wood, the hollow body positions weight low and rearward for improved forgiveness and a piercing driving trajectory.
  • Internal Weighing: the hollow core features internal counter weighing for improved stability.
  • High Image Satin Nickel Chrome plated finish. The smooth satin brush finish reduces unwanted glaring.
  • Grooves are USGA Conforming

Available as golf component heads for your own club building. Also available online as custom-built iron set, built with your selected shaft and grip to your preferred specifications.

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