Iron heads
Know which Iron heads your golf buddies are buying

Posted on August 6, 2019

Stock clearance alert! We are giving out Iron heads at very low prices. Offer ending soon.

Being one among the top distributors of golf equipment, we always work with an intention to provide the best quality and affordable golf equipment to customers. It has been quite a ride for us this season. We are truly humbled to get many positive feedbacks from our customers. We are motivated to work harder and better our service.

Iron Heads have been the best selling product this season, because of its supreme quality, smooth finished look and cheaper price.  And yes, we are offering them at a much lower price. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t offering dented or fault products. The iron heads are made by blending several quality materials together to help golfers perform their best. Our manufactures have taken specific measures while making iron heads in order to produce the best product. Most of our buyers are in fact pleased with the product.

Check out which Iron heads your golf buddies are adding to their collection.

One of our 5 stars rated and most demand product is the Tour Model Heater 3.0 iron head.

Tour Model Heater 3.0 White Iron Head RH

This iron head is shaped with a wider sole and has an oversized face. It is designed to improve confidence at address. Since the Center of Gravity is located behind the face due to the deep undercut cavity design, users can achieve consistency and shot the golf ball with more impact.

Mike, one of our customers, said that the Tour Model Heater 3.0 White Iron Head has worked well in helping his daughter win the Rochester district championship and even went undefeated in the boys JV golf team.

If white isn’t a color you want to go for, you can check out the Tour Model Black Heater 3.0 Iron Head. The specification is almost the same except for the color.

The next product in line is the Turbo Power Ipak Iron Head, featuring a shallow undercut back design intended to increase the speed of the golf ball.

Turbo Power Ipak Iron Heads

This iron head is carefully constructed with progressive offset, right sole widths and notch weighting to provide golfer the ability to perfectly balance the ball flight and forgiveness.

Dan said, “I was hitting an 8 Iron about 140 yards” (with other club heads) “now I hit an 8 Iron 160+ yards” (with Turbo Power Ipak Iron Head). He has assembled the clubs and re-sized the iron for his parameters for better performance.

Just so you are aware, the shorter irons will be more compressed with less offset to provide better feel, while the longer irons will have more offset for better forgiveness.

The new Turbo Power Fire plus Iron Head, featuring High-MOI head design is currently in great demand.

Turbo Power Fire Plus Iron Head

The optimized Center of Gravity may be the real reason behind its popularity. Any golfer understand that this feature in the iron head can help them improve consistency and take powerful shots.

To top it, the relocation of the intense re-set weight in the cavity toward the heel and toe promote better forgiveness on off-center shots.

So now you have some idea about what your golf buddies are buying, you can take this chance to reset your golf apparatus. While doing so, remember that you have the best iron head in your hand when you are comfortable with it. So, go through our collection of iron heads and choose the one that best suit your style.

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